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Doom 3 Problem


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I installed doom 3 on the system in my sig... I installed the new 4.9 cat's and the nforce unified drivers.. I put disk 1 in and it starts up, I click play and the begining screen comes up, my cd rom is working but this is where it stays, it will not go any further??? Can anyone help???

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:( I have had a similar problem with both Doom3 and FarCry.

Install and load process looks fine.

On trying to start the game, the start splash screen is only displayed briefly and

then it opens up an icon on the task bar.

Trying to activate from the the task bar repeats the brief splash screen etc etc.

Activating the task manager shows >30% CPU utilisation etc etc but no game.


The only other anomaly is that if you choose the "launch after install" option - following a fresh installation, it runs.... However, this is a one-time, all other re-launch attempts fail.

This has now occured with Doom3 and FarCry.



Have tried setting minimum display resolution, installs to different disks, no avail.

This is on a Win2000 + SP4, 2.8G pentium 4, 512M memory, 9800Pro card,

to both EIDE and RAID disks - no difference. Latest drivers etc etc.

Complete new installation etc etc.


Can someone explain to me what exactly is so special about these particular

games.... and, can anyone help. Thanks

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