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  1. I am looking for a socket 939 nf3 motherboard with agp for an amd opteron 180 cpu. Asus, gigabtye or dfi prefered. I need the board to be able to overclock. It will be used as a folding machine. Please let me knw what you have!! Thanks!!!!!
  2. Specs : AMD Opteron 180 DFI Ultra nF3 2 gig OCZ PC 4000 WD 150gig Raptor ATI 4670 HD I did a clean install of XP pro SP2. I noticed I was getting fdisk errors so i ran chdsk. chdsk would not finish and kept restarting, so i began a brand new XP install. Once windows got to the installing devices I got a blue screen and it said IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL I have tried 4 different hard drives, 2 video cards and a different set of ram. I still get the blue screen. I reset cmos and still that blue screen. I even made a new disk for my XP install. No matter what I do it always blue screenson me while installing devices. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know.
  3. I would say don't pre mix and let it sit. I come home from the gym, pour 12 oz's of milk into my container, 1 scoop of whey and shake the crap out of it for 30 seconds and then down the hatch! Make everything fresh!
  4. Crazy Nate hit the nail on the head guys.....something I forgot to mention...WARM UP.....STRETCH....10-15 mins.....if you don't then you risk some serious injury and that will set you back...the time you spend warming up may just save you months down the road. All the supplements they sell only 1-5% actually do something for you.....They will promise you anything to get you to buy. Like I said before, I only use bsn no explode and whey protein...I did my research. Don't waste your money on get big and ripped products....The only thing that will get you big fast is juice and I really hope you are all smart enough to stay away from that crap....diet and hard work will prevail!!!!!!!
  5. I will be making the jump to quad core soon.....just been to lazy lol
  6. I have never read that to much protein was bad for your heart but I do know if you take to much your body will not use it, you will end up with diarrhoea or just peeing it out. I use the general rule of 1g of protein for every body pound. So if you weigh 180lbs then you should be taking in 180g of protein. Now if your not working out hard then I would say a little less protein would be better....protein speeds up muscle healing and aids in faster recovery....so if your in the gym tearing up your muscles then protein is worth your while....if you just want to lose weight or do cardio then a little bit of protein is ok. I do 4 protein shakes a day.....the most important one is right before bed because your body repairs it self while you sleep.
  7. I have read the A1 & A2's are finished and that the A3 will be coming.....I am missing the big points....
  8. Your the one I was thinking about!!!!!!!! I knew that some one here had mentioned they were into body building but I just couldn't remember for the life of me who it was!!!! Glad to here your back on the iron!!!! Since you beat me in the folding arena maybe we should have a body building square off :ph34r: LOL......I don't think these guy here would remember our folding comp lol........
  9. Ahhh yes, the chicken breast vomit...lol. Here is how you beat that. I take 6 chicken breasts and put them in a large reusable container....Then I add a marinate....they have so many different kinds. Soak them in the marinate for 24 hrs then throw them in the oven or on the bbq. Make sure you make some slits in the chicken to let the marinate in. Now when you go to the fridge you have enough breast for a day or two.....I don't know whats more work, lifting weights or making all that food!!!! I live in Canada, but I go to Buffalo 3 times a week and I get the 2 pound Body Fortress whey protein from walmart......but any whey protein works. The BSN No-Explode I get from www.bodybuilding.com. That is a great site and has a lot of reading!!!! I will see if I can post a pic for ya.........
  10. They say that walking and then running then back to walking burns the most fat. I run on the treadmill for about 1 1/2 miles then walk for 5 mins then back to running. To burn fat you need to spend at least an hour on the treadmill. As for your lunch....pack some veggies, almonds....low fat turkey or chicken breast lunch meat on whole grain or whole wheat bread. Stay away from white. To get your body running on all cylinders eat a bunch of small meals during the day....this will help with getting rid of the fat.
  11. i've been body building for awhile now....You need to bulk up, add some mass. Don't believe all the supplements out there, if you lift properly and eat right you will see some gains. Never expect things to happen over night. I eat 5-7 meals a day. An example would be for breakfast I have 12 egg white, 2pcs whole grain bread un-toasted, 1 cup plain outmeal and then an orange or apple. Seems like alot but if you want to bulk you need to eat. My dinner might consist of a 4-6 oz chicken breast, 1 cup of rice long grain and some sort of vegetable. I eat all veggies raw. If you want to burn the fat around your waist....cardio - cardio - cardio.....burn the fat, get lean then begin the process of bulking up. If you want to get big then you also need to lift heavy with low reps....As for supplements.....I use bsn no-explode for a pre work out drink, right after my work out I slug back a 1-2 scoops whey protein with 2% milk. That's all the supplements I use. Remember, diet and proper lifting techniques will get you where you want to go.....Off season I am 6'4 255......Spring and summer I am 6'4 230 with 9% body fat......Work hard and it will pay off. Becareful with creatine....if used to much your body may stop producing it naturally....keep your sugar intake to a minimum....and lots and lots of water....I drink 1 gallon a day!!!!!!! Oh yeah and a new study suggests that working your legs stimulates muscle growth up top....don't for get your legs or abs....
  12. Well that can't be good for us now can it
  13. After completing a wu on my main computer folding said it could not connect to the server and no other work to do....It sat like that for over 24 hrs. I checked everything on my end and I even re installed folding with the pass key....smp would not work.....so for the time being I am folding but using the -advmethods but it is very low on the points scale. Anyone know anything?
  14. I am having a small problem and I think it is with either XP pro or an update from microsoft. I am using speed fan 4.40 and when I shut my folding down it shows that something is using almost 50% of one core. I have looked at task manager and nothing is running and shows system idle at 99% yet in the performance tab it is showing the cpu usage as 40-50%. I have formatted and re installed xp and it seemed to have fixed the problem until i did my updates and installed SP3....I need both cores for folding. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing 1 core to be utilized when nothing is running? Could it be SP3?
  15. Thanks Road-Runner....I had a feeling it had expired. I installed the smp client then used the drop in executable and it seems to be running now. I guess when this happens in the future I know what to do!!!!
  16. Well here we go again, another smp problem. It gave me some problems so I uninstalled it, I then re installed the smp client, ran install.bat and that went great. I made my short cut to the desk top and added -smp. I clicked on my short cut to start it and nothing. A black box appears for a split second then disappears. I un installed everything, removed all files in the registry, and re booted. I installed the MPICH client and tried again....same results so I installed the DEINO client...same thing. it will not open. I am running ver 6.23 now for single cores. Anyone have any idea how to fix this and get it to run?
  17. Ok.....The cookies you all gave me calmed me down. After 5-6 Southern Comforts and coke I decided to try it again. I ran the install.bat from the cmd line and BOOOM...I am again folding with the smp client. Not sure why it worked this time but it did. So for now I will continue folding on. Thanks for the help!
  18. Thank God know one is trying to talk me out of it
  19. Well....I have decided to start shutting down my machines. I have had it with Stanford's crappy smp clients. One of my dual core machines has not turned in a WU in 2 days because it now says missing work files..I tried to re install it but it just will not work. I am tired of spending so much time trying to get the dam client to run properly that I give up. I am leaving the other machines to fold on until I start getting the errors on them as well, which I know is going to happen. So as they come up with errors I will be shutting them down and selling them. It is just to much work keeping them running, cleaning them, the hydro bill. It has been a fun ride and I enjoyed climbing the ranks.
  20. Well I ordered the DFI board and the cpu/ram. I also ordered 2 4870's. Now what type of cooling should I go with? I was thinking maybe a water set up...
  21. Nobody has any suggestions on a new build??? Wow...
  22. Ok...It is time to upgrade my gaming computer to the latest technology. My current system is in my sig. I would like to stay with AMD and I really like DFI. I want it to kick a$$ in gaming and of course I will be overclocking it. So what are your suggestions on a sweet system that will game really well, over clock well and also fold 24/7...
  23. I had the same problem Clay...It happened on all my machines...I deleted the whole thing and removed all the reg files as well. I did a fresh install and I haven't had a problem as of yet, all are working. My folding crapped out after it had finished the WU. I almost shut my machines down and said to hell with it.
  24. Opteron 180/2 gigs ram Opteron 165/2 gigs ram AM2 4200+/2 gigs ram AMD 3800 x2/2 gigs ram Intel 3.0/1 gig ram PS3/Folds 24/7 I will be retiring the Opteron 180 soon to just a folding box and I am thinking of stepping up to an amd quad core with 8gigs of ram!!!!
  25. Team Abit is right on our tail...I would love to see double the production we have now. I have everything that can fold folding. I am running out of room and electrical out lets...I have 2 out lets running 4 computers and 2 monitors plus the router, modem, speakers...I need a new house with a special room for up to 50 computers!! If we can get more people on board we can get our numbers higher!!
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