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  1. I use a ton, my Interface folder is over 18MBs lol. Atlas Auctioneer BandageCount BankItems BuyPoisons CombatStats CTBagMod CTBarMod CTBuffMod CTItemBuffs CTMailMod CTPartyBuffs CTPartyHealth CTPlayerNotes CTQuestLevels CTRaidAssist CTTickMod CTUnitFrames DamageMeters Decursive Enchantrix EnergyWatch EquipManager Gatherer GoodInspect IOTH ItemsMatrix MapCoords MoveAnything QuickMountEquip Reputation RestXPToGo RogueSpam SCT TipBuddy Titan TitanAlarmClockWrangler TitanCombatInfo TitanCritline TitanRoll UseByName WeaponQuickSwap XPToGo
  2. WoW is a ram hog, it loves memory. I've read people with rigs on par with what you have and they usually all report performance improvements when they step up from 1GB of ram to 1.5GB+. I plan to slap another 512 stick in my rig in the near future purely because of WoW. I don't play much else on my comp.
  3. The cop busted out the tazer after she took the first swing. He then asked her to get out of the vehicle multiple times with the tazer aimed directly at her. She sat there defiant until the end believing that a cop would never do such a thing. They had every right to arrest her based on the suspended driving license. It was illegal for her to be operating a motor vehicle. I'd rather our police be safe by using non-lethal weapons rather than wait for a lethal weapon be pulled on them. If you get tazed unlawfully...pay day for you. But after the woman in the video already swung at one of the officers, she was lucky all she got was tazed. Years ago (when I lived in L.A.) a cop would either pull out his gun, or his baton and beat you out of your car if you pulled the same stunt this woman did. That baton will shatter your driver-side window in a snap, all in your face as well. I've seen cops pull people out of their car through the window, thrown down onto the street, and the cops knee buried deep into the back of their neck to subdue them. All they had to do was open the door and put 2 feet on the ground... If you make it easier on the cop, the cop will make it easier on you. Unless you get a prick of a cop.
  4. RVE

    Browser Wars

    Was reading this IT/Computer magazine yesterday and it raved about the new Netscape Browser. Version 8 is out and I was horribly dissapointed with the last few versions of it and for a long time now I've used Firefox for everything and only used IE when a site wouldn't work in Firefox. I've downloaded the new Netscape 8 browser and I must say I am pleasently surprised. Uses tabbed browsing like FF (Firefox) and it can automatically sign you in to your email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail accounts. It can import your current bookmarks and other goodies from FF and IE into Netscape and worked great. The bookmark toolbar in FF is alive and well in Netscape 8 and all my bookmarks showed up right away after installation. This version of Netscape isn't bogged down by bloatware and has proven to be fairly fast while browsing. Gonna give it a few days of heavy use to see if it's as great as I've heard it to be.
  5. I just replaced my trusty Microsoft Intellimouse V2 with an MX510. I was somewhat weary of all the praise it got but I certainly am not disspointed. The higher bit-rate solved the lag problems I had with my older Intellimouse. Still haev 5 buttons which I love. It is somewhat heavy compared to my old mouse but I have read there's a weight inside you can remove. I have yet to try it due to laziness lol. Also, I play tons of WoW. The 5 buttons are great, I have 3 different spells binded to the 2 side buttons and the wheel button. Spells I cast often and are very handy to have at my fingertips. Works great for WoW and every other game I play. I am pleased with my MX510 as much as I was with my old Intellimouse. I have big hands, bigger than average anyway and also worried if it would fit me right. Took a tad adjusting to it but after a few days of gaming I was very used to it and adjusted fast.
  6. I was still playing when they took the servers down to do the patch. So I waited for about 15 mins and restarted WoW. It fired up the update process and downloaded the whole patch in about 20 mins. I use CTmod and a handful of other standalone addons. After manually updating most of the .toc files to the correct version number, nearly all of my mods still work fine. Had to adjust some things that the new default UI didn't like about CTmod, but was able to play with no drastic change in UI or controls. Dire Maul is pretty hard for being capped at 5 man groups. Ended up doing a Stratholme raid instead of going another round in Dire. Loot drops have gotten better in Stratholme though.
  7. Hey I play on Aggramar too! Feel free to drop me a line in-game. I'll try to remember to add u to my friends list next time I play. Time for sleep atm Abrams: My main, hit 60 a few days ago Loktovar: Primary Alt, 36 rogue Pretty much all I do with Abrams now is high level raids. PvP'ing is quite a chore as a Pally. I pretty much end up doing the same thing as i do in high level dungeons. Sit back, support heal, cleanse, and try to keep the squishies in the back alive. Occasional kamikaze when I'm out of mana to try and be a distraction. Rogues are a ton more fun in combat. Grinding is actually kinda fun with him.
  8. lol, I never noticed till I saw this thread. My 2 year was on the 10th. Sry I didn't get u guys anything but then again you guys didnt get me anything either! /cry
  9. OpenGL and DirectX are 2 totally different API's. What I'd do in this situation is first download and save the updated chipset and video drivers in a safe and easy to remember spot. Don't install them yet. Also download DriverCleaner. Boot into safemode and run DriverCleaner for the SiS or whichever chipset and previous vdeo drivers that were on the system as well as clean out the drivers you've just installed trying to get your new card running. Boot back up normally into windows and then install the updated chipset and video drivers. I've had funky behavior while updating drivers before for various hardware and this process has never failed me so far. Hope this helps
  10. If you are going to use the new vidcard with the rig in your sig, be advised you will definitely be CPU bottlenecked with a 6800GT . With the rig in my sig, virtually every game I play is CPU limited. However, if you do plan to upgrade the rest of your rig sometime down the road (like I do) then a 6800GT should be a good choice. So when you do upgrade to a nice beefy CPU of your choice, the 6800GT will be able to stretch its legs.
  11. RVE

    I Bought Wow

    Strengths for every class change a lot as you progress further and further in WoW. Warriors may seem lacking for a long while, but once you get pretty high, the damage output and available Talent skills gets much better. Plenty of people say Warriors suck at PvP, the truth is Warriors who suck are the ones who suck at PvP. A well played Warrior is still a formidable opponent. A well played anything can be a strong class in WoW, if you plain suck at PvP then of course the class you play may seem like it sucks. Also if you quit WoW and the furthest you got was like lvl 30, you've barely seen much of the world let alone discovered the greatest strengths and cool tricks of each class. I just hit level 50 a few days ago, and theres still a number of zones I've never seen and even if I have, the creatures and such in those areas would destroy me easily. Also at such low levels, you haven't seen the more difficult of dungeons. For Alliance anyway, if you only go to say lvl 25, you've only got access to like 2 instances (dungeons). Which IMO are the easiest and simplest ones around, and for good reason since they are more about getting your feet wet rather than challenge. Some of the higher level ones require more strategy and just shear force won't get you far. Now back to the OP, I agree with the others who have said choose the lowest population. But if you already have friends who are established on a particular server go ahead and join them. Also you may want to look into Customized User Interfaces. Blizzard made the UI use XML, so there's a lot of mods out there that add extra toolbars, timers, modified quest logs, all kinds of stuff. I highly recommend CTMod, I use it myself as well and a bunch of other standalone add-ins. A nice UI will do wonders for your gameplay.
  12. Everything Ive heard gameplay wise is that it's a great game. The biggest downfall so far is it's riddled with bugs. I haven't played it yet but every review or post on a forum I read talks about bugs. I'll try to pick it up a month or so from now, hopefully they'll have a patch or 2 out to fix all that.
  13. Fun factor does indeed make up for other areas of the game. Hopefully all of Republic Commando can be like that. If it's fun I can ignore the weak rifle and just use other weapons. Just seems kind of odd when we are supposed to be elite commandos but then the rifle they give us is kind of weak. Kind of how the first Halo was, I constantly dropped the standard issue rifle and picked up other weapons. About the Tribes comparison, it was for the open terrain and freedom to move around that I was trying to point out. The 3rd Tribes was a bit of a disspointment. Tribes 1 and 2 were definitely better IMO. As for FarCry, I can't stand that game for some reason. A bore fest to me. It looks nice and purty, but thats it for me. Now if Republic Commando has a great story and/or great multiplayer, then I'll still play it a lot. Like I do with Halo 2, i was hugely disspointed with the campagin, even after Bungie said they fixed the whole "repeatitive level" thing, they really didn't. It had greater variety in some respects but still got that feeling of "didn't I just go through a room that looks exactly the same?" If multiplayer is fun I'll still play it tons. Tribes 2 had no story, but was just fun. UT has no story (that I know of lol) and Onslaught is a blast. I definitely agree that fun factor is most important. It is a game afterall. I think I'm just burnt out on shooters in general so I get all uptight about them lol. /shrug
  14. That's sort of my point, HL2 was built completely with the PC platform in mind. Republic Commando however is also being made for XBox. Kind of like the whole Tribes series, built for PC and doesn't have the pet peeves that kinda irk me. Doom 3 however was cramped in hallways most of the time but sort of had to to stick with the storyline they wanted to use. A few levels were open spaces though. However they always did have XBox development in the back of their head so that may have had something to do with it. Don't get me wrong I'm not a console hater, I have both a Gamecube and an XBox. Love my NFL 2K5, still need to get Fable though.
  15. It's fun but seems to suffer from some "console-itis". I'm tired of cramped levels and those lame save points where it pulls you out of the game to save and load the next "chapter" so to speak. I guess I'm spoiled by playing games lately with a more dynamic world that loads around you as you go along without so many loading screens. I just hate moving along with my mind totally into the game concentrating then passing some checkpoint where it totally rips you out of your rythym and you get a black screen that says "Saving". I just wish they could quick-save the checkpoint then you keep on trucking with little to no interruption. Besides my few pet peeves, I liked how they implemented the squad commands. Easy and fast to use. Had a few other pet peeves with the squads AI and a few elements of the HUD. The Commando weapon didn't feel versatile enough, especially since it was supposed to be designed that way. I liked the sniper attachment and the 2 levels of magnification, but the default rifle attachments seems to be lacking punch. No stopping power and seems not so effective and medium to long range. I found it easier sometimes to just rush the target and melee him to kill him, faster than ducking and dodging to kill him with the rifle. Ended up picking up the shotgun constantly and used the dropped weapons more than my standard issure one. I think I'm just being picky though. I'm expecting too much polish and refinement from a demo.
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