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  1. Cyberfury

    Random, Quick Crashes After Startup

    I know this is old, but I solved the problem and thought I would post here and let everyone know! It was the power supply. Used another one, no probs!
  2. Cyberfury

    Random, Quick Crashes After Startup

    How do I scan the PC when it crashes within a minute? And sometimes it doesn't even POST...could this potentially be a hard drive issue?
  3. Cyberfury

    Random, Quick Crashes After Startup

    The PSU is pretty old...not sure exactly how old because I don't remember if she has my old PSU or a newer PSU in it. If it is my old one, the PSU is at least six, probably more like eight, years old. I think that will probably be the first thing I try and replace. In terms of anything coming loose, I've checked, and that isn't the problem.
  4. So my girlfriend's computer has suddenly started crashing to a blank screen - it's like the monitor suddenly goes into standby mode and won't come back out. This just started happening for no reason that we can tell. It's not heat related, as the temps are all really low (my PC room is about 14 C right now). The crashes occur within 1-2 minutes of starting up the system. Sometimes the system doesn't even seem to POST...it powers up, but it's like the monitor is stuck in standby mode. Specs: ABit NF7-S2 AMD 3200+ 512MB PC3200 RAM Radeon 9800 (non-pro) Maxtor 40GB HD Win XP Pro 300 or 350W power-supply Any ideas? Maybe the power supply is wonky?
  5. Cyberfury

    I Want A Laptop!

    Does anyone know anything about the Asus A2K...it also is a good deal. Any thoughts?
  6. Cyberfury

    I Want A Laptop!

    The Z71V here seems like a good deal: http://www.canadasys.com/laptopasus.htm Comments?
  7. Cyberfury

    I Want A Laptop!

    $1500-$2000max Canadian. I'm looking into that deal with the Dell coupon code, but I don't know if that would work to order from the American Dell website to Canada...if it would work at all.
  8. Cyberfury

    Selling My Alienware 51m 766...

    What's the battery life on that thing?
  9. Cyberfury

    I Want A Laptop!

    So I live in Canada and I want a good laptop for gaming (i.e. something with 1024mb RAM and something like a mobile ATI 9700). I can find some good deals from American retailers online (i.e. cyberpowerinc.com and ibuypower.com), but can't find any decent online Canadian retailers that offer good laptops. Any help? I wanted to avoid the standard Compaq/HP lines of crap, but any tips are appreciated. Thanks...
  10. Cyberfury

    Speakers Or New Ram?

    I'd get the RAM too...I have a $300 set of speakers for my PC, but I find myself using my $20 headset all the time anyway. With that RAM you'll notice a jump in your games for sure!
  11. Cyberfury

    I Inhaled A Fly Today Threw My Nose...

    ^^ I'm guessin a bird...but that's pretty absurd.
  12. Cyberfury

    Tomorrow Is The Big Day

    Hey man, hope it goes well for you...I'm sure it will!
  13. Cyberfury

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    How about we just wait for it to be officially revealed and stop playing ridiculous games that NO ONE should have time for....
  14. As long as you didn't give em a credit card or anything, you'll be fine. Just tell the rep that calls you that you don't want it...or, as someone mentioned, call and cancel it. Funny though....