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On 11/21/2021 at 4:00 PM, WhenKittensATK said:

Seems more or less the same.

Agreed. And thats the best we could hope for. Microsoft has a bad history of monkeying things up.

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On 10/19/2021 at 9:38 PM, cjloki said:

I'm perplexed... Ive been trying to get this machine ready for win 11 but keep running into an issue that is frustrating me. Getting secure boot to work is not working . I'm gonna give it up for tonight but probably try again tomorrow.  I have the latest bios installed, enabled uefi in the boot section, tpm is working like it should, plenty of Ram and CPU is good but the windows checker app says that missing secure boot is keeping me from windows 11 compatibility.  when i go into the recovery dialog from the update/security and maintenance /recovery/advanced  options/ there is no uefi settings option to click into... it's just not there:doh:so i've googled and surfed and blogged for answers  but  damned if I know:wallbash: that's enough for tonight but if anybody really knows how to fix this I'd sure appreciate a pull-up :slap:

this last week i build a new office/work machine for my girlfriend which turned out great (AMD ryzen 7 5700G over an ASRock x570 pro4) well i went online and got her a cheap product key for win 10 pro and loaded her up.  Everything is working perfectly and she is back to work and then all of a sudden she is notified from MS that she is all set for Win 11 upgrade... She's asking  me "should I do it ?" ...are you kidding ? " right away ! " I say... so all the win11 stuff goes great too and now I'm back to trippin on why my machine isn't able to go into secure boot and upgrade to win 11 also....


So for a couple of days now I've been working at this and last night i ran into a MS support article about the MBR2GPT tool which included some other alternative ways to get it working and winPE and addons and stuff and so that was the problem all along... last night I got the syntax right and converted the C: drive to GPT and BAM !! :woot:I'm in Windows 11... 

Finally got it... So if anyone is still in using the old MBR file storage system you'll have to convert to GPT for the thing to attain the secure boot that win 11 wants...

MS says that the MBR2GPT.exe is located in Windows 10/windows /system32 but I didn't find it there and had to run it with an admin command line for it to work right... also it is available for download into a winPE bootable flash drive... but the command line works fine...

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