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    I plan on getting the game. Although wasn't really a fan of GTA.
  2. dling


    Thanks . The graphics look great in the trailers.
  3. dling

    Steam game Gifts

    My son purchased me a game on steam. I have not accepted it yet. If I decline it will he get his money back or not be charged ?
  4. dling


    Red Dead Redemption 2. What type of game is this. Single or multiplayer ? FPS or not I cant seem to find any good info other then it's pretty.
  5. Merry Christmas too all as well. let's hope 2021 is better.
  6. dling

    Farcry 5

    Thanks That's a great idea.
  7. dling

    Farcry 5

    I cant seem to get into the airstrip hanger. Every time I jump off the tower I dont have enough distance to make it to the tpo of the building. I have tried the wing suit and just the parachute nither one of then get me high enough to land on the roof. Any suggestions ?
  8. Just finished the DLC Sam's Story. It was great. The story is very good and those zombies scare the crap out of me which makes it more fun to play. Highly recommend if you haven't given it a play.
  9. I looked into them. Doesn't look like it will. Thanks.
  10. Is there a security cam that is motion detect that I can use on my computer via USB and save the vid on sad?
  11. I have the Acer Predator @100hz 34". I would like to give son something similar in size. I really like my monitor.
  12. Thanks. Good reviews. Im looking for 34 or 35 inch in the ultra wide type.
  13. Sorry. I don't know what any of that means. I've seen folding just don't know what it is.what does ppd stand for ?
  14. I don't need to upgrade. I'm like a junkie on crack when it comes to vga. Wish I wasn't . My card is fine for the games I play. usually in the hi 80's and above in FPS .
  15. Thanks for the links in 1080P question. I'm not sure if my son could tell the difference between the two. Not sure that I could either side by side. The main thing is the size . Looking for 34 to 35 inch.
  16. Thanks. That's my res. 2k. Btw just curious. Why no sig anymore?
  17. Can you tell me now about my system and the RTX 3080 ?
  18. So maybe I look at the second choice. The sceptre from Amazon. It's still within my price range. Really hoping that some great deals pop up during black Friday.
  19. OK. So ive been looking at a bunch of different mons. Its for my son as a Christmas gift. Hoping to stay under 400.00. This looks like a great mon. https://www.newegg.com/p/3D4-000W-00069?Description=ultrawide gsync&cm_re=ultrawide_gsync-_-9SIA6BMBA49554-_-Product But it not 2k. So the question is would a mon that is 100hz @ 3440 X1440p be better then a mon that will do 144hz and oc to 200hz @1080p ?https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0812DKDD9/?coliid=IL1WA403QJ2JH&colid=3DYIH8D9GT3GC&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it This mon is not g sync compatible Is the higher res more important then refresh rates as far as gaming goes. Im looking only at ultrawide mons. His vga card is an1080ti BTW , dont want thing smaller then 34" wide. Thanks.
  20. No. I read the 3080 is a lot faster then the 2080ti. I had forgotten the sig is gone. I understand that the TI card is not coming out this year but Im willing to wait for it . My computer is I7 8086k oced to 5.2g , ssd m.2 960 evo with 16g of Corsair Vengeance LPX [email protected] on a ROG Maxiimus Hero M/B Thanks. Where can i find your review ?
  21. So if you guys see my signature. My I already bottle neck with current rig ? Would I be bottle neck with the 3080ti ?
  22. Do you guys think there will be a 3080 ti card after the fe version is released ?
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