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New drivers from Geforce


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Hello people, Long time no see!

I am wondering what is the best latest driver for an ASUS 980 strix.

I looked at the Geforce forums and there seems some issues being reported.

My driver is 369.09

It has been working fine. (Probably why you forget who I am) (Don't remember? That old guy from Australia)

New games might work better, but you guys have always worked things out very well.

The latest, 375.70 seems a fair way up the ladder. (Long as no rungs are busted)


If you can find the time, please give a bit of a heads up, please.

Regards from Mike.

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Doesn't time fly when you are having fun. I can tell you it is faster as you get older. Really, we just get slower. :rolleyes:

There has been a problem with Win10 auto-updating video card drivers. My old driver was fine. I now have 388.13

Quite a few Elite Dangerous players commented on this today. It is 388.13 driver. I have not had trouble, but am advised to update to 388.31.


NVIDIA report says there are limitations to this driver. Any body got any comments on this please?

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