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  1. The next game is going to be about WWII.
  2. I'm hoping they release a cumulative patch or something and not a new build. I just installed 17134.1 on four machines couple of days ago.
  3. Dynamic

    Far Cry 5

    They did such a wonderful job on this one compared to the previous Far Cry 4. The map is much better, the graphics is more realistic, and the game actually runs great on its first day.
  4. If your going to be gaming on your new PC,.. Radeon RX Vega with High Bandwidth Cache is definitely worth looking at,.. modern open world games today have been optimized for AMD cards, and running these games at ultra settings the RX Vega does very well. ya but for the price vega is not worth it. a 1080 can be bought for $650 where a vega goes for $700+ and a 1080 is faster by around 8% And the GTX 1080 has way less power consumption compared to the Vega's gpu's.
  5. Dynamic

    New Build....Finally

    So that H55 water cooler is keeping your temps down at stock? That water cooler is for previous generation intel processors not for the 8th generation. I would of went with a 240mm radiator or 360mm. H100i or the H110i/115i.
  6. Dynamic

    Build for my Brother

    The reason why your frames per second is low is because of the game itself. The game has horrible optimization.
  7. Dynamic

    PCIE speed not right

    With that second generation processor, your GPU should be running PCI-E 2.0 16x. You do have it in the first PCI-E slot don't you? You need to recheck your work, you might of installed it in the second PCI-E down for the top or something.
  8. Dynamic

    Circuit City Returning February 15

    So we got two places that have been resurrected once again. Circuit City and Frozen CPU.
  9. Okay, so i was playing around with the front two USB 3.0 ports on my case last night with a USB 3.0 Flash drive and i finally got both ports to recognize the USB properly. Finally! I had to insert it two or three times for it to work. Now i have another machine in a different room that would work the first time you plug these things in, but i guess my case is alittle tricky compared to that system in the other room. But what a relieve after what now several months of thinking there is something wrong with the two front USB ports in my case.
  10. How do i go about replacing the front panel USB 3.0 to USB 3.1 after upgrading motherboards that no longer support USB 3.0? The female connector on my old motherboard that supports USB 3.0 had 20 pins. Does the USB 3.1 have 20 pins? Would a front panel usb 3.0 be compatible with a female i/o internal usb 3.1? Anyone?
  11. You know it's been several months since the motherboard installation and none of my USB 3.0 flash disks or external hard drive work with the front panel on my case. One of my flash drives just turns on, but doesn't appear in Windows. The only usb flash drive i got working is USB 2.0. What a mystery...and i'm pretty sure i hooked it up all fine too.
  12. I seriously cannot wait for the Volta GPU's to arrive. Man this Titan V is fast compared to Titan Xp and 1080Ti. I am for sure upgrading my GTX 1070 to a Volta around 600-700 bucks ball park next year.
  13. Dynamic

    Refining my overclocked i5-2500k

    His room temperture is probably high or something as it sounds like. I use to run Prime95 while trying to figure out how much overclock i should give to my processor, but now and days i just run games and do the usual things i.e. browse the web and etc. Battlefield 1 is a really good game to benchmark your system for stability, because of how much it uses the cpu, almost to nearly 99-100 percent in the game. If it has been several years then i would take that heatsink fan off and clean and reapply some new thermal for sure. Also make sure you dust out your system every once in awhile. Not sure where you live but, i think those idle temps. are alittle high and specially for winter, they should be around 20-25c for idle. I got my i7 7700k overclocked to 4.8GHz with 1.312v and my idles around this time of the year is about 23-25c and peaks at 70-72c at full load and its because of how cold it is and plus i have a watercooling system on my processor. I think that cpu cooler you have is alright for that i5 2500k, i got the same one in my lil' bros system and he has the i5 3570k processor. Last but not least, make sure you pay close attention to what some of these forum members are saying because some of them have had alot of experience with hardware.
  14. Good luck to everyone and have a merry christmas and a happy new year.
  15. Dynamic

    New Build: Replacing an 8 year computer!

    If you are into gaming maybe you should switch your motherboard, cpu, and memory to intel, they are faster in gaming you know.
  16. Dynamic

    Small upgrade possible, or need to go complete?

    Congrats on the new GTX 1060 6GB. I would probably start at 4GHz, then work your way up with the voltage and GHz (4-4.2). Not sure how much you should use at 4GHz either, maybe someone here with the same processor can help you on that or maybe you can look it up elsewhere.
  17. Dynamic

    Small upgrade possible, or need to go complete?

    I would first overclock that processor to at least 4.5GHz. I wouldn't go for a 1060, I would get a 1070 (big difference). No, it's not because I own one, but I think that processor would still bottleneck the video card, but it should give you more settings to go on. i.e: If you are running PUBG at medium settings, it should give you a performance boost that you need to run the game at High or maybe even Ultra settings. Plus the game will probably run at 60fps and if not, alittle higher. Then later down the line, you might want to upgrade the motherboard, cpu, and ram.
  18. Dynamic

    Wires Disappear

    Dude you actually did a really good job with the cable management in your case. I need to stop being so lazy and clean up some of the cabling in my case myself. Happy Thanksgiving!
  19. Dynamic

    Far Cry 5 Co-op Trailer Released

    I'm hoping they made some changes to the game engine for this game from the previous. Played Far Cry 4 and finished it and I thought the engine looked great.
  20. I would probably go with the eVGA 240 AIO since these 8700K processors run hot as the 7700K. Besides that Corsair H60 is way outdated and wouldn't do so good with your new processor.
  21. Dynamic

    A new rig

    That case you listed is really nice, it supports up to 10 fans which I thought was crazy good. I don't even think I can fit that many fans in my case. Both of those PSU's are solid, but I personally would go with PC Power & Cooling, since it's been in the market for a very long long time. And in regards to the 144Hz monitor, you would more likely have to purchase an expensive video card to really get frames that high up in games. Anyhow good luck with your build and do let us know how it goes.
  22. Dynamic

    New drivers from Geforce

    I've been using the latest NVidia driver 387.92 for my GTX 1070 and I haven't had any issues with two new games I've been playing this week.
  23. Dynamic

    A new rig

    That deal is a steal for sure. If you are going to purchase a 144Hz monitor then you'll need a high performance video card. That 760 is not going to cut it, so you'll need to upgrade that down the road. That CPU,RAM, and MOBO you have listed in your post is great and you'll notice a great improvement over your DFI setup for sure. What you want to do is research in the games you want to play, see how they are benchmarked, which video cards are playing them at high frames per second in the benchmarks, and buy the card that fits the need for 144Hz monitor. Now i'm not sure which resolution you are planning to get with that monitor, but if you are going higher than 1080p then my best bet would be either a 1080 Ti or one of those Vega 64 cards. Cause in order to achieve that high of a frame you'll need muscle behind it. I know for a fact that the GTX 1070 isn't going to cut it for every game at 144Hz, and that's why my monitor is only 1080p 60Hz. If I were you I would go on ebay and look around for your video card when you do plan on buying it. I built my whole previous system from buying stuff I needed from ebay. I would bet anyone here they would tell you to get a 1080 Ti when it comes to 144Hz monitor. Also for a PSU, make sure you buy good quality, and at least an 850W. I hope that I have answered most of your questions, and good luck.
  24. Wouldn't a 8700K greatly improve the frames per second on his 1080 Ti compared to an Ryzen 1700? He also does need higher frame rates since his monitor supports it. Plus he can further overclock the 8700K compared to the Ryzen 1700. I would sell the 1700 and go with a 8700K.