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Miners...I don't like you

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Just found a link while browsing. Just look where all these cards end up.


God what morons :pfp:


Its like people want to get rich quick, win the lottery anything but work and never mind the repercussions for others, I have seen these machines on craigslist, such a blatant waste of hardware also. Good riddance! 

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Blaming miners on the high prices of cards is like blaming homeowners on the high price of real estate. It's just dumb.


The re-seller's are the ones noticing the high demand, and adjusting the sell prices accordingly. In actuality, miners are the ones selling the cards for dirt cheap. They've made their investment in digital cryptocurrency, and selling their cards for cheap once they're done mining. HD 7950's for $150? HD 7970's for $210? R9 290's for $295? R9 290X's for $380. You won't see any re-seller selling cards for that cheap.

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Actually the retail prices of the R9 series cards is dropping, when I bought my 270x the Toxic was $269, when I checked yesterday it was $239 on Newegg. Now that the Mining craze is over I suspect to see retailers having deals on their cards to try and get rid of the overstock they most likely will have now.

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