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  1. I still have a OCZ flash drive from 2010/2011, my ace in the hole.
  2. yuridude

    Watch Dogs

    Figured I'd share this. Some people may have already seen it. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/watch-dogs-pc-ultra-specifications-revealed/1100-6418973/ Ultra Specs revealed. Comments or thoughts? If we are talking, 1080p gaming?
  3. I enjoy playing CoD. I also enjoy Battlefield as well. That said, I have already pre-loaded MW3 on Steam. I really look forward to the Spec Ops/Survival Mode. It looks as though you can not only invite regular friends, but also join a lobby for that mode. ( I could be mistaken )
  4. yuridude

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    Welcome to OCC.
  5. Been awhile. Bump! Everything is current.
  6. I just shipped mine in last week for an RMA, same company and model. I would rather not read this, but thanks for sharing your experience. It is good to have a heads up advantage, knowing about these things. Good Luck with getting the issue all ironed out.
  7. If you want to sale the 285 after everything is said and done, shoot me a PM. Concerning your power concerns, I am fairly certain a 850 can power them in SLI no problem, as long as the PSU is SLI ready/certified etc. Concerning the question on seeing them in a SLI configuration, I have not seen that, some others probably have though! Guru3D 560 Ti SLI review Enjoy!
  8. yuridude


    Welcome to the Forums.
  9. +1 That board is so tempting, especially since I just rma'd my 1155 ASRock.
  10. Update.. GTS 250 re-listed in OP. (family member backed out on SLI choice) Fixed Pricing for GTS 250. Pictures have been updated! 10% off will remain in effect until the 5th of July! I might list a Motorola Droid by the weekend, maybe.
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