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  1. Best of luck to everyone and Merry Christmas...
  2. Display and personalization have dissapeared from my control panel. Has this happened to anyone else? Does any one Know why and is there a fix? Thanks
  3. If not too late, I would love to try it...
  4. Thank you OCC for another great contest and the gaming mouse I won. I will put it to good use...
  5. Last April marks 11 years for me. This is the only enthusiast site I have joined and remains the only one I need OCC "the rock of ages"
  6. God what morons Its like people want to get rich quick, win the lottery anything but work and never mind the repercussions for others, I have seen these machines on craigslist, such a blatant waste of hardware also. Good riddance!
  7. Something old is very new to me; ______________________________ Apple G5 Powermac 2.0 ghz dual core 8-gb AmpX DDR2-800mhz Nvidia Geforce 6600 LE (128mb}vram 2=WD 80 gig sata in raid 0 DVDRW 15" HP vs15 with built in speakers USA Was always curious, fell free to laugh
  8. Always a pleasure to be involved in an OCC contest, thanks Bosco and sponsors... (*) Gigabyte H55M-S2H 1156 / i7- 860 @ 3.3 ghz H55 Corsair watercooler with push/pull fans, 8 gigs Crucial 1333 mhz 9-9-9-24, His Ice Q 7870 ghz edition/w 2gigs GDDR5, Seagate 3tb HD, Crucial Adrenaline 50 gig cache SSD and Liteon DVDRW Corsair 400 Carbide Series case/w Thermaltake toughpower 775 watt modular PSU, ... 27" AOC monitor Country: the good ole US of A
  9. Yes the Beta is working with no glitches and there is a definite improvement in overdrive...thanks guys
  10. I have had a few glitches since amd latest driver release in December.I have a His HD7870 ghz edition...considering rolling back to previous driver or reinstalling rather. I was wondering if anyone else had experienced issues...Thanks
  11. life is not the destination, but the journey

  12. Christmas is here again, Thanks OCC for being a part of my life for 10 consecutive years. Time sure fly's when your gaming.A big thanks to Bosco, staff and sponsors that bring this contest every year. Thanks for having a great prize line up as always and finally thanks to all the members past and present that make up this incredible enthusiast site, best on the internet... Best of luck to all members...
  13. I used a 42" Vizio 1080 for a while and loved it for gaming, but for all round use I prefer my 27'' 1080 though it took some getting accustomed to. I haven't explored any high resolution monitors...I think 1920 X 1200 is the highest I have gone. I have always wanted a 3 monitor setup, like three 24" however the bank won't allow it...perhaps one day.
  14. seller: nanoprobe +++Positive I bought a gigabyte motherboard combo with i7 860 and 4 gigs of gskill Good communication, fast shipping and a pleasant experience, be glad to buy from him again.
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