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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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I am really excited about this release, just hope Gameworks does not break it for none nVidia users.

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Just purchased a gtx 970 off newegg and ill be getting this free with that...However never playing 1 or 2 before I decided to try and find them first...https://www.humblebundle.com/store has 1 for $2.50 and 2 is only $5! Just figured I'd pass this along in case anyone is interested in the first or 2nd 

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In-game map shots!


Prologue area:




(Most of the) Northern Realms:




Archipelago at southern edge of Northern Realms:



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Skill trees!

  • To unlock second line/tier of skills you need to spend 8 points in that tree, 20 for third line, 30 for fourth.
  • Mutagens synergies with 3 skills equiped next to it, of same collor (green with green, red with red), multiplying effect of that mutagen.
  • Abilities skill tree is extreme powerfull (I'll translate all skills).
  • There are 70 skills, and only 12 slots for skills. So choose wisely, which skills you want to have equiped.
  • You can reset your abilities, at any time, with elixir which you need to buy.
  • Skill and mutagen slots are unlocked while geting charracter levels (it's progresive),

1. Fast Attack:

- Muscle Memory: Damage of fast attack is increased by 5%. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Precise Cuts: Increases critical chance of fast attacks by 2% and their damage by 15%. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Whirlwind: Continious attack aimed for all enemies around Geralt. Unkeeping this skill drains Vigor/Endurance, if depleted drains Adrenaline. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Mutilation: Inflicts bleeding effect to enemy, which deals 25 damage per second. Durration 5 seconds. Adrenaline generation +1%
2. Strong Attack (allows to use Strong Attacks, which ignores enemy armor):
- Strenght Training: Damage of strong attack is increased by 5%. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Crushing Blow(: Increases critical chance of strong attacks by 2% and their damage by 15%. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Cleave: Inflics increased damage in proportion to used Endurance/Vigor. Ignores enemy defence and increases critical chance by 10%. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Fulminant Strike: Reduces enemy defence by 5%. Adrenaline generation +1%
3. Defence:
- Arrow deflection: Parrying allow to deflect arrows. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Footwork: Reduces damage taken while dodging. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Riposte: Next attack after succesfull counterattack deals increased damage by +30% for every level of skill. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Deadly Precision: Every point of adrenaline increases your instant kill chance by 1%. Adrenaline generation +1%
4. Shooting Training
- Reflex: Slow time effect while aiming with crossbow is increased by 15%. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Cold blood: Every succesfull hit with crossbow generates 0,04 adrenaline points. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Snowledge of anatomy: Increases critical chance by +5%. Adrenaline generation +1%
- Sore point: Critical hits from crossbow disables monster special abilities for 5 seconds. Adrenaline generation +1%
5. Battlecry Battle focus (Melee attacks generates adrenaline. Every adrenaline point increases melee damage by 10%)
- Focus: Reduction of adrenaline while taking damage is reduced by 20%. Adrenaline generation +1%

Magic/Signs (Blue)
1. Igni

- (cant read name) Dealing damage with igni, pernamently reduces enemy armor. Effect scales with Sign Intensification

Alchemy (Green)
1. Potions/elixirs

- Increased Tollerance: Increases elixir tolerance by 1%. Elixir duration +5%
- Renewal: Every dose of elixir drunk heals for 5% maximum health (25% at max lvl of this skill) Elixir duration +5%
- Delayed decay(3): Effects of consumed elixirs don't disappear, while toxicity level stays above 90%. Elixir duration +5%
- Side effect(5): Consuming elixir gives 20% chance to activate effect of another random elixir, without additional elixir. Elixir duration +5%
2. Oils
- Poisoned Blade: Oil applied on the sword causes, that in every strike there is 10% chance of poisoning enemy. Higher level oils increases poisoning chance. Elixir duration +5%
- Deterrence: Gives +5% defence from monster of target kind. Elixir duration +5%
- Fixative(3): You can hit with your sword 33% more times before applied oil wears off. Elixir duration +5%
- Hunter's Instinct(5): With maximum adrenaline, critical damage dealt to monster vurnerable to oil is increased by 20%. Elixir duration +5%
3. Bombs
- Accurate Shot: Slow time effect while aiming with bombs is increased by 15%. Elixir duration +5%
- Pyrotechnics(5): Bombs, which normaly doesn't deal any damage, besides normal effect deals 30 damage. Elixir duration +5%
- Optimalization(5): Increases maximum number of bombs in every bomb slot by 1. Elixir duration +5%
- Cluster Bombs(5): After detonation, Bomb splts into separate explosive fragments. Number of fragments: 5. Elixir durration +5%
4. Mutation
- Acquired resistance: Every known level 1 alchemical recipte, increases elixir tolerance by 1. Elixir duration +5%
- Tissue Transformation(1/5): For every consumed Decoction, maximum health is increased by 200, while under it's effect(multiplies by number of Decotions active at same time). Elixir durration +5%
- Synergy(5): Increases bonuses from Mutagens in Mutagen slots by 10% (it's even more strange written in polish), Elixir duration +5%
- Adaptation(5): Increases duration of consumed Decoction by 10%. Elixir duration +5%
5. Trial of Grass
- Clarity of Mind: Time slows down when Witcher is poisoned by elixirs while counterattacking. Elixir duration +5%
- Pain resistance(5): Increases maximum health by 10%, if toxicity exceeds the safe threshold
- Fast metabolism(5): Toxicity from elixir recudes faster by 1 point, every second. Elixir duration +5%
- Bloody Fury(5); While under of elixir toxicity, every killed enemy increases chance of critical striking next enemy. Elixir duration +5%


- Circadian rhythm(1): At day health regeneration when out of combat is increased by 10. At night regeneration of vigor/endurance in combat is increased by 1
- Survival instinct(1): Increases maximum health points by 500
- Techniques of Feline School(1): Increases your fast attack critical damage by 25% and damage by 5% for every part of light armor you wear
- Techniques of Gryphin School(1): Increases your Sign intensivity by 5% and vigor/endurance regeneration by 5% for every part of medium armor you wear
- Techniques of Bear School(1): Increases your strong attack 5% and maximum health by 5% for every part of heavy armor you wear
- Metabolism controll(1): Increases your maximum toxicity by 30
- Focus(1): Adrenaline points also increases your Signs damage


From r/witcher.

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From the latest OCC news article :

One screenshot shows Geralt rather close to Yennefer, while the other is with Triss. You may have a hard time deciding which woman you like best, although I'm sure some people are already in either the Yennefer or Triss camp. 




So whose team are you on ? I'm definitely on #TeamYennefer


Mainly because she's going to play a much bigger role in the game than Triss according to all the screenshots and gameplay vids I've seen.

Plus I find dark hair way more attractive than red hair which feels quite fake and unnatural.

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We've had Triss for two games basically, while Yennefer is coming in to the picture at long last. She was the love interest for Geralt from before, so it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. Right now I'm undecided, but I guess that's what multiple playthroughs are for and if we can pursue both.

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