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    Cinebench R20 Released for CPU Benchmarking

    1318 with [email protected] 4.4ghz Hope to see a vast improvement with my new 9600k
  2. MadMan


    It's very CPU intensive in some areas. I was having dips into the low 50s on a 4770k @4.5GHz and overclocked 1080Ti at 1080p. Ended up using DSR and using half refresh rate vsync for 4K/30 on controller. Feels so much smoother. I am currently using G-Sync for 4k but when it dips below 30 fps then it stutters and it doesn't seem to matter if graphics are on high or medium...I get about the same results with both settings, going to try 2k later today but in the next month I will have money to do a cpu/mobo/ram upgrade
  3. MadMan


    Have played for about and hour and so far I love the graphics however im currently limited to around 30 to 40 fps because my 3570k just cant keep up... https://imgur.com/PikjMTe
  4. I'd consider it either a very early Christmas present or a bit late of one. Either way congrats! Now where did you buy this from again?
  5. MadMan


    Well unfortunately the only way to play right now is to be a EA Access or Premier Origin member...it'll be fully released for everyone else on Friday. I'll update you after I play this weekend
  6. MadMan

    296 Mbs down. I like

    So new year new speeds anyone?? Happy to announce for the same price as a year ago I am now up to 132 down/ 6.6 up
  7. Congrats to the winners!! Thanks OCC and sponsors for the opportunity. I look forward to next year!
  8. Thanks again OCC for yet another Christmas giveway! Entered! Would love to hear from Bosco on Christmas! Hope all is well after the flood
  9. Thank you OCC and ID-Cooling!
  10. MadMan

    296 Mbs down. I like

    I know this is an old post but I am glad to announce my cable company had finally upgraded its infrastructure and I now get 70 down/ 5 up for 90/month and to think that just a year and a half ago I only was getting 8/1 for the same price!!!
  11. Thanks OCC for the AIO cooler and a copy of Grey Goo! Can't wait to get the new cooler but in the meantime ill enjoy a new game!
  12. Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope Santa was good to you!
  13. Thanks OCC for another great contest! Good luck to everyone and happy holidays!
  14. MadMan

    I have returned from the depths!

    DAMN ! you win the oldtimer award MadMan,...i found this hangout in july 2008 NOOO!!! Not the oldtimer award!! Im only 32! I just happen to be looking into overclocking my computer when I was 17 years old and stumbled upon here. I think google may have brought me here.
  15. MadMan

    I have returned from the depths!

    in 12 days i'll have been lurking around here for 15 years with absences here and there but I haven't posted many things on here but I sure have learned a hell of alot along the way just from being around here!
  16. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all!
  17. MadMan

    Razer Black Widow Ultimate 2014

    Okay so i believe I have that exact keyboard...try holding down the function key "FN" which is located next to the right alt and then hit F11 to dim and F12 to brighten...hope this helps...I don't use the synapse software either and it works on mine
  18. MadMan

    [Giveaway] Shadow Warrior 2 Steam Keys

    Read your review...looks like it could be some fun...count me in!
  19. MadMan

    GTA V weird fps fluctuations of each gameplay sessions.

    Think its your 1080...I'd RMA it
  20. MadMan

    current resolution?

    Found a great deal on a Acer XB280HK 4k G-Sync monitor been doing 4k since
  21. MadMan

    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Recently bought Amazon Prime ($100/year) plus Amazon Fire TV ($100) for 4K streaming on my TV which meant I needed a new monitor for my computer so I also bought an Acer XB280HK for $422 brand new in box which is way cheaper than I could find anywhere else...got it today and am amazed how much better a monitor is over a TV as a display just sucks they cost so much more for such a smaller display
  22. MadMan

    GTX 970 Lawsuit

    So I got this email yesterday and I figured i'd pass it along in case it affects anyone else here: LEGAL NOTICE If You Are A U.S. Resident And You Purchased A GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Processing Unit in the U.S. Between September 1, 2014 to August 24, 2016, You May Be Entitled To Payment From A Class Action Settlement In re NVIDIA GTX 970 Graphics Chip Litigation, Case No. 15-CV-00760-PJH WHAT IS THIS NOTICE ABOUT? A lawsuit is pending in the United States District Court, Northern District of California, (the
  23. Okay so scratch that and use 4 980 ti's then
  24. Well if you run 4 graphic cards and want to watercool them, the cpu, memory and heck nowadays your ssd's I think you'd need all 3 rad bays Thing is if your running 4 cards in sli, there no space to mount a cooler on all of them, you'd still only be using one cooler on GPU's right?, and you gonna be using rads for you RAM? If you use 4 of http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA1N84V81852&cm_re=gtx_1080-_-14-500-406-_-Productyou can connect them together...probably use a dual rad loop and a single rad loop for your cpu/memory Edit: XSPC also makes waterblocks and sli flow bridges http://www.xs-pc.com/waterblocks-gpu/
  25. Well if you run 4 graphic cards and want to watercool them, the cpu, memory and heck nowadays your ssd's I think you'd need all 3 rad bays