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  1. I don't see any light bleed on this like I did on my XB280HK. Here are a couple of pics to compare.
  2. I went all out on a monitor...it cost me even more than my 2080 TI! (that the wifey actually bought) I bought a Acer Predator CG437K which is a 4K 120Hz Refresh Rate G-Sync HDR1000 Monster! This thing is huge...literally takes up my whole desk. Now it can run at 4K 144Hz refresh however it requires 2 display port cables (which I don't mind) but you also don't get G-Sync or HDR so ill be sticking with single cable. I did want to originally get a Asus PG43UQ however I couldn't find any at $1500 and found this monitor for $1300. Gaming on this thing is so awesome...4K 120Hz is a thing to see! Right now some games I need to cut back on settings to achieve the 120 fps but its worth it. The main reason for me getting a 120hz monitor is I felt my recent computer build wasn't much of an "upgrade" because I was still gaming on the same 4k 60 fps monitor as previously...with this monitor it changes all that and now I actually get all the performance out of what I have built. The headphone stand is now on the side desk with the tower for viewing purposes. Edit: Forgot to mention I am up to 10 RGB strips...3 inside tower, 3 on desk, and 4 on the monitor. Its a great lightshow!
  3. MadMan

    New Build

    Played Cyberpunk for over an hour and temps never went over 85 which I can live with...like you said Ill never see those temps when just gaming which is all this computer does.
  4. MadMan

    New Build

    Sorry for the delay but finally got into overclocking and feel I reached the limit with this cooler at 5.0ghz. Haven't got to gaming to see gaming temps compared to running Cinebench but I know I can't go any higher.
  5. MadMan

    New Build

    I found a 9900K for basically the price of a 9700K so I grabbed it. I reset my bios prior to installing and only set ram to speeds and setup boot priority. I have noticed that in CPU-Z it reports the multiplier is set to go up to 50 but notice it never goes beyond 48 and most times its only at 47. I even ran Cinebench and does the same thing. The temps never go over 80C either...any settings in the bios I should disable to fix this so it can to go 50 like it should?
  6. That really sucks! I have a XB280HK and recently have had a flicker occurring occasionally. Mine is over 5 years old and I noticed when this flicker occurs that anything plugged into the USB ports on the monitor lose power/connectivity and have been able to trace to problem back to the displayport. I have tried different cables and the issue just seems to be the way it sits inside the monitor. My issue is this monitor only has a DisplayPort. I get the feeling im going to be in the market for a new one in the next year or so and I too will be staying away from Acer. Its a shame how much these monitors cost and yet only a 1 year warranty!
  7. Humble Bundle is giving away Ashes of the Singularity : Escalation...Only requirement is to be subscribed to their email newsletter. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/ashes-of-the-singularity-escalation-free-game?hmb_campaign=freegame_2020_homepage_ashesofthesingularity_escalation&hmb_medium=banner 22 hours left as of this post
  8. MadMan

    New Build

    Just a little update...I finally purchased Shadow of the Tomb Raider and ran the benchmark with 4k and highest graphics settings
  9. I would contact Gigabyte to do a RMA due to bad voltage sensors even your memory voltage is off it should be roughly between 1.5 and 1.65 depending on memory...i'd be willing to bet there are others too!
  10. MadMan

    New Build

    So I ran GTA 5 benchmark and DAMN! for a game so old yet it still makes systems crumble...going to do this again with some less aggressive video settings to get my FPS average up closer to 60 (maybe) Edit: Messed with settings for a bit and found that MSAA and TXAA are the most taxing...lowered MSAA to 2x to keep TXAA active and FPS bumped up to around 60FPS...I am happy with the gameplay with these settings
  11. MadMan

    New Build

    I intend on running more game benchmarks as like I said before this build is mainly for gaming...Perhaps later this week I will run GTA 5 as I know for sure that is a more CPU intensive game. I also have BF 5 and been edging to get Shadow of the Tomb Raider as that utilizes ray tracing as well. What other games are real CPU intensive? I want to see if the 9600k bottlenecks at all anywhere...im certain there will be a point that it does but I need to try and justify spending $500 for a CPU upgrade...I was going to sell the 980 ti's for it but if I can't find any flaws with the 9600k then its not worth it to me...if I pushed for a 4k 144hz system then yeah I definatly need it...but that's a few years away for me by then the CPU will be much cheaper
  12. MadMan

    New Build

    Edit: So I ran this test at the bottom...also a side note all fans were on silent! IMO that is the reason for watercooling in the first place...still really nice temps barely above 70c on the cpu and gpu never reached 60 ran tests for cinebench and 3dmark...anything in particular you looking for? So far I have played BF 5 (with Ray Tracing Enabled), Far Cry 5, Forza Horizon 4 all with ultra settings and all run at a solid 60fps
  13. MadMan

    New Build

    Its been a while but I finally did a new build for myself...well in February I did...just now getting around to posting about it. As usual this build is mainly for gaming and RGB (LOTS of it!!) My intent was to build a system that I could upgrade in the coming years or very soon depending on the need. So here are the components of the new rig. Case: Corsair 220T RGB I wanted a new case that was light, had RGB fans and a decent window to display only cons on this case was fitting room....everything is tight! CPU: Intel i5 9600K Started with this with intent of upgrading in the future to 9900k. Motherboard: Asus Maximus XI Hero (Wi-Fi) Budget was around $200 for motherboard...found "open box" of this for $210! Well worth it and will handle a 9900k nicely later on. Cooling: ID-Cooling Auraflow 240 RGB Got this cooler here from OCC from the Christmas Contest years ago but never had a use for it. Ram: G.Skill 16gb 3000Mhz RGB Wish I would have went with faster ram but again always an upgrade later on when I decide to go with a 2x16gb kit. Video Card: 980 TI Classified x2 in SLI ASUS ROG 2080 TI Gaming I initially installed my Evga 980 TI Classifieds from old build however I got a 2080 TI for my birthday (Nice Wifey!!) Storage: WD 1TB M.2 I wanted to keep this build without any SATA drives and use only the M.2 slots on the motherboard for storage. Will be getting a 2TB M.2 to fill 2nd spot on motherboard(very soon) Power: Evga T2 1000 watt This carried over from my old rig. Initially needed it for the 2 980 ti's but its overkill now. Fan: Cooler Master MF120R RGB Needed to fill the void at the back of the case with color! Monitor: Acer XB280HK 4k Gsync This is from my old system. Its a 28 inch 4k Gsync monitor. Has a random "flicker" that occurs but not in need of replacement yet. Headphones and Stand: Corsair Void Pro RGB Special Edition Corsair ST100 RGB Stand I got this pair from a friend used for $100 Only downside is when the headset dies...I use Asus Strix Fusion 300 as backup. The Asus headset also has better noise cancelling but I hate wired! Keyboard: Asus ROG Strix Flare Keyboard Corsair K70 RGB MX Silent So I originally bought the Asus...had it for about 3 weeks until my wife spilled her coffee on it....she replaced it with the corsair. Love the Corsair more! The MX Silent keys are amazing!! Super quiet! Also Corsair lighting programs are WAY better! Mouse and Pad: Asus ROG Gladius 2 RGB Razer Firefly Mousepad Lighting: Phanteks RGB Light Kit with 2x Phanteks RGB Light Strips In total I have 6 RGB Strips. 3 are inside the case and I have the other 3 ran outside the case attached to my desk. Desk: Glass top desk This is the desk I have and the 3 RGB strips are attached to the metal base along the back side. This system is setup to play games at 4k resolution at 60 FPS with all the eye candy on and the intention of upgrading to push 4k 144hz later on! I already have a list of upgrades I want and in this order kind of. First thing is I will be adding a 2TB M.2 for storage...the 1TB that I have is at around 900GB used up. Currently only install games I am immediately playing. Thankfully with 180mbs internet its not hard to download games as I need. From there I would upgrade my monitor. From that I would see how much the 9600k would struggle to keep up with higher fps. Which would lead me to upgrade the 9600k to a 9900k. Then to really finish I would upgrade the ram for some 4000+ Mhz. All in all though I just really enjoy what I have now. Games run flawless and the setup in general just looks amazing. I would like to update this post with some photos but am having issues inserting them in. What image site should I use to insert them here? Also tell me what you think of the new system? Edit: Its been a while and I just realized that there are no more signatures where my previous build was. So old build was: CPU: I5 3570k oc'd to 4.5ghz Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z77 Ram: G.Skill 16GB TridentZ 2400mhz Cooling: Corsair Hydro 100i 280mm AIO Video: Evga 980 TI Classified x2 in SLI Storage: 2TB WD and 512GB Samsung 840 PRO SSD Power: Evga T2 1000W Case: Bitfenix Colossus Venom Window Also I have the 9600k overclocked to 5ghz and temps never go above 80c. I keep the fans on silent as well...nice fast system yet nice and quiet!
  14. Glad to see you back...nice to see us old folks still kicking around...looks like a nice solid build
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