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Hey Freaks ! Anothere freak says hello !


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Hey , I'm new here, was away long time to a place without internet -

So, i'm playing some ps3 (mf3 or bf3), some MAME (i know it's old but i like it) and when i'm on the road, playing some browser mmo strategy (travian , mytholia, ...) , it's not a bad thing to sit in traffic jam and play

so nice to meet, and send me to PM for chitchat

have fun , john


I'm looking into Mytholia, the first impression looks pretty cool, there's a new server starting 23/12, somebody has played this browser mmo strategy game ? You can PM me here for claninvitations or chitchat , cheers



Hey, I'm new here, I can say I'm a hardwarefreak and love technology. Depending from building powerpc (6 screens, watercooling) for trading, gamepc (currently playing mf3 or browser strategy mmo like mytholia or evony) or building my own MAME-box,


So, if you want to chit-chat PM me here and have fun ! John


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