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[Sold - Pending Payment] DLink DGL-4300 GamerLounge Router $35.00


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UPDATE: Pics have been added. Also going to throw in (FOR FREE) one Linksys WRT-120N wireless router new in box. Never been opened, never been used.


Hey guys and gals. I went from wanting one backup for my DGL-4300 router to having two of them AND a DGL-4500. Consequently I'm overloaded on wireless routers and would like to sell one of the DGL-4300s. The DGL-4300 is an almost epic router. Yes it's been around for a while, but I've been a loyal user since it's first release. It has been an awesome router (and the reason I wanted a backup). If you don't need N wireless, but want outstanding and reliable wired and wireless performance, QOS, Gamerfuel Technology, NAT, SPI etc. you can't go wrong with this router. I'm keeping the DGL-4500 and one DGL-4300 as a backup. So I've got one DGL-4300 that some lucky guy/gal can get for a fair price. I'll get pics up tonight. Firmware revision 1.9 (the latest)


$35.00 + Shipping








Here's the complete specs. on the router:



• 4 x 10/100/1000 Auto-Sensing Gigabit Ethernet LAN Ports

• 1 x 10/100 Auto-Sensing Fast Ethernet WAN Port

• D-Link 108G Wireless Technology

• GameFuel™ Priority – Technology

• Up to 256 Firewall Port Configurations

• Access Control Policies (Parental Controls)

• Internal and External System Logging

• Static/Dynamic Routing

• Oversized NAT table

• Email Alerts

• Wireless Distribution System (WDS)


• WPA-Enterprise

• WPA-Personal

• 64/128-bit WEP

• MAC Filtering

External Antenna Type

• 1 - 5dBi detachable antenna


• IEEE 802.11g

• IEEE 802.11b

• IEEE 802.3

• IEEE 802.3u


• Power


• WLAN (Wireless Connection)



• L = 7.5 inches (190.5mm)

• W = 4.6 inches (116.84mm)

• H = 1.375 inches (35mm)

Wireless Signal Rates* with Automatic Fallback

• D-Link 108G: 108Mbps

• 54Mbps

• 48Mbps

• 36Mbps

• 24Mbps

• 18Mbps

• 12Mbps

• 11Mbps

• 9Mbps

• 6Mbps

• 5.5Mbps

• 2Mbps

• 1Mbps

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I have the exact same router. Over 3 years of use and still running strong.

They really are solid. So solid that the fear of having mine quit some day without a backup is what got me in this pickle :)

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no buddy...you breathing got you in that pickle....


after all you were the one thinking..."hey I need a back up oh lets look on the web...." LOL I still need an adapter for mine :( I guess I better get on the ball and order one so I can put mine to use as the Gigabit function would be a nice plus....then maybe my switch will stay in Gigabit mode instead of dropping out...

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Hey doc, speaking of adapters.


The adapter for the DGL-4300 and the DGL-4500 are different. Completely different. The DGL-4300 has a much larger male plug, the adapter black box is larger and the rated output is different.


Weirdly everything about the DGL-4300 adapter is a lot heavier duty than the adapter on the DGL-4500. Guess that cost cutting got the best of the DGL-4500.


Still a nice router though. I'm using it right now. Nothing much more special about it over the 4300 though except for more recently updated firmware, wireless N (which I don't need), choice of 2.4 or 5.0Hz operation (one or the other, you can't use both simultaneously) and GB WAN.


So far it has worked good though. No drop outs or other weirdness. Hopefully the 4500 will last as long and be as reliable as the two 4300s I have now :)


If I had to nitpick one thing about the 4500 I really don't like is the LCD display. The 4300 has LED status lights on the front that are always in operation, so you could readily tell if you were linked, had internet and how many clients were connected to the LAN ports. To get the same info out of the 4500 you have to access the LCD menu on the 4500 and scroll through the options.


Some folks complained about how bright the LEDs were on the 4300 - but I liked them. Gave me plenty of light to see things in the dark :)


Still waiting for a buyer. You're really not going to get a better router than this one, especially for $35.00

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I am going to start looking for an adapter...the one you linked on ebay didnt look right on the end...so I am not sure if its right or not? but it says 12v @ 2A but the end plug is whats important also....

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