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  1. I have the exact same router. Over 3 years of use and still running strong.
  2. My replacement card is on it's way ... If still you want the dead 4870x2 send me a PM with info.
  3. I have not had a chance to try the safe mode tip that was suggested, but i was able to try it in another rig and got the same issue. I'm leaning towards an RMA at this point. I mean the same issue happens on two stable systems, the only issue seems to be the video card.
  4. So i bought the HD6950 mentioned above and i'm still having an issue. With my dying 4870x2 the system would power up but not post. Now with the HD6950 I can hear it posting and can login to Windows(blindly mind you), but I get no display. I know i'm logging in because i can hear it. Clearing the CMOS did not help. I have the latest BIOS for my board too. I dont' think it's the PSU(Antec TruPower 1000W), it powered the 4870x2 without a hitch. I have a spare Nvidia card that i use for testing and with that card my system boots up perfectly, display and all. Am i missing something or did i get a bad card ? ...
  5. So both of these you think are better than the 6870? I'll probably go 6950
  6. I'm trying to stay around $250, but am flexible. I'm think this one,HD 6870 : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102924
  7. i play games in 1920x1200...it's a 24 inch monitor. I run a second display too, but only game on the 24 incher.
  8. So my HIS 4870x2 is finally dead...no video out put anymore. It's been dying for some time now, I experienced artifacting every now and then. I'm looking for a comparable card in this generation, not the current top of the line card. I was looking at a HD5850. Should i consider something else to match my current rig? (rig is in sig) Thanx
  9. Anything on the ATI/AMD side? Thanks for the suggestions
  10. So i've been seeing streaks/snow every now and then for about the last month. The last two days I started seeing BSOD . ATIKMPAG.SYS is in the dump file...but anyways. I'm pretty sure the card, ATI/AMD 4870x2, is on it's last legs... Can someone recommend a good replacement? In terms of power, I"m looking for something in the same range, or just a slight bump up. Trying to stay under $200... Rig is in my sig below, Thanks
  11. Problem is the machine I am planning to do this on is AGP only ....that card won't work for this box.
  12. I am thinking of running 3 displays from my PC. I only have an AGP port in the box that I am going to do this with. I was thinking of this card: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814161284 Does anyone know if I will be able to use all three video outs( DVI, VGA, and HDMI) at the same time? Thanks
  13. Thanks for the info. I am planning on using only one video card, an HD 4870 X2.
  14. I"m looking at the MSI P45 Platinum, and noticed that it states: "When using two PCIE x16 slots, the PCIE x16 lanes will auto arrange from x16/x0 to x8/x8" Will this be a servere bottleneck? When using one video card? When using 2 Video cards in crossfire? Here is the board on newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813130179
  15. 'too good to be true' Thnx for the input
  16. Has anyone heard of this site? http://supercheapoem.com/ The prices look decent. Your purchases are downloaded, and i'm guessing you get issued keys for your purchase. I"m really tempted, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience with them, or has heard of the site?
  17. The system in my Sig isn't the one i've been having trouble with. This one is using the stock AMD cooler. well, it's not a constant long beeeeeppp...more like a constant beeping/clicking...sorry I dont' think it's temperature, i've been able to fold for hours, days even. then simply shut it down, and restart and get nothing but the freaking beeping/clicking. I've gotten this from a plain startup too, so it's happened when the PC has been off for hours. Cold boot. Each time i've been able to restart by unplugging/replugging the motherboard power connector. I've looked at the diagnostic bracket, it shows top left light and lower right light green. According to the manual that means "BIOS Sign On"...but it does'nt give much info other than that. I put the side panel on, and got the same issue. I removed the side panel unplugged/replugged the power cord, put the side panel on, making sure not to bend any of parts of case(even ever so slightly). I"ve got it running [email protected] for 2 hours now. What worries me is, once i move it i'm about 90% sure i'm goign to have to repeat this "remove side panel, unplug/replug power cord" method again
  18. It's just a constant beep, kinda like a click(click click click click click). I get only a halfway post screen, it shows me the name of the processor and thats all. I had the case sitting on a stack of phone books with not issue, and also with the sides panels off. Room temperature has been around 70-60, we had a cold front in Texas, i haven't used my heater.
  19. Okay so i think it is the case. It was able to run [email protected] for about 2 days straight, while on the stack of phone books. I put the board back in the case screwed in the standoffs, screwed in videocard, USB bracket, and Wireless NIC. I left the side panels off. It came on and was able to [email protected] another day. I put on one of the side panels, the right side, and i got those weird beeps again, more like clicks. So i removed the motherboard powercord and repluged it in, i did cut-off the PSU's power switch before putting the side panel on. It came on again, and was able to fold for a number of hours, along with other internet actvities. I put on the left side panel, and it came on fine, and was able to [email protected] for about 8 hours. I decided to restart the PC in the morning, and i got the freaking beeps again!! I mean, i didint' even touch the case!!! So i remove the left side panel, and unplug/replug the motherboard power cord, and it works again... I"m about ready to trash this case...any thoughts on what to look for?
  20. When i had it in the case they were on the standoffs, not directly to the back metal of the case.
  21. Okay i sat the motherboard on top of a few phone books, and it's been running [email protected] for about 10 hours now. Anyone know where to start with the crappy case? Where do i look for the improper contact? When i had it in there i tried using just the middle row of screws, and also tried it using all screws. Both gave me contact issues, and i think that fried the keyboard port. The keyboard port doesn't work, and i only get a post screen plus beeps if i try to use it.
  22. Can i just lay the motherboard on the cases' metal side panel? or something made wood?
  23. I got this case Coolmax CV-580, I installed a MSI k8n neo2 in it, one gig corsair value ram, ATI radeon 9000, and westerdigital drive. I was able to boot up, but i left it running [email protected] overnight, and woke up to a loud series of beeps. The screen was mainly black, with only a letters displaying halfway through post. I"m pretty sure it's a grounding issue. The case doesn't offer much support, if i push firmly in when plugging in keyboard or usb devices it kinda ever so slightly bends in from the pressure. I'm thinking this support issue is causing my problem. I've found that loosening(or removing) some screws, and fiddling with the PSU cord gets the system working. Also if i use the keyboard port i get the same series of beeps and black half way post screen. So what i do is use the USB, even then sometimes i have issues when pushing too firmly on the USB connections(back is cheap metal no support) So question is, Anyone have tips on how to solve this? I've screwed it down really good, and doesn't seem to help. I"m looking into getting another case, but i'd like to try my fixing this if possible.
  24. Your usually right...i hope your wrong this time ...i've switched the SATA drive to 1.5 transfer rate, and timings to ACTUAL stock(2,2,2,5)....so far so good.. Can only keep fingers crossed...never doubt you guy's advice k33p you posted oh yeah, i also switched HDD's form SATA 1,2 ports to SATA ports 3 ,4. Read on MSI forumns that SATA 1/2 have issues.
  25. U R right! I got the TWINXP1024-3200XL, so 2,2,2,5. My bad... On further investigation, i have the new Harddrive set to 3.0 instead of 1.5 transfer rate. From what i've read the Neo2 is 1.5 for SATA transfer rate. So i'm going to see if setting the drive to 1.5 will change my experience.
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