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more cable management will be done once i get all the cooling products in and sleeving soo next week or so... just figured id share.... not the nicest thing... but i like it

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ya i was thinking of removing the others... yes its intake... that little noctua fan kicks some serious as* .... very quiet... if it wasn't for its funky colors id change all my fans to it.. noise blocker fans are more color choice.... thanks ... but the cable on the back side of the mb tray as you can see look like poo... im just to lazy to redo it all till i change out the fans and cpu cooler...


edit: i did think it was cool how the pcs on... and the camera stopped all the fans perfectly... they usually come out as a blur or w/e but the fact they look standing still is pretty cool...


oh and i love my cosmos s... just two real complaints.. that i can deal with... 1..... no reset button..... cable management could be better ... ie a hole drilled for an 8 pin power connect for motherboard... and... cable holes closer to board... there even far away for E atx boards

also there's dustfilters on everything on the cosmos s... :P

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well i ordered some small things today


side window mod

front hdd cages with 120 mm fans on from (cooler master ones)

Prolimatech Megahalems

noiseblocker PWN 120 mm fan (hopefully will be quieter at idle)


IC diamond 7 carat compound

and some cable adapters...


next order will be in a few days which will include... clips for a second fan another pwn noiseblocker... a pwn cable splitter and sleeving.. lighting (need color lighting advice) and some cable management stuff


order next friday will be 9 of these




hopefully at idle after this it will be very quiet and move enough air... i did the math.. it should move the whole amount of air in the case 2ce a second lol


orders after that undecided but i do have a list ... such as my 5870x2 ... some kinda descent nividia card for physics.. a new psu if needed.... (prolly corair 850) 30 inch gateway xhd3000 if i can find one... some more green drivers for storage... ocz colossus hdds for raid 0 (128gb models) ram upgrades which maybe next week as well.. and possibly a new keyboard and mouse.. this will happen over the next month soo u will see alot of updates... ill keep you posted.... thank you for reading

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