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  1. yeah thats whaty i thought when i bought the cards but maybe i just have bad luck who knows... maybe one day ill take the time to reseat them or something... idk
  2. what? nice equipment but your in some seriiiiiiious ned of cable management lol...
  3. are you trying to figure out bandwidth? because you have it wrong its 2560 x 1600 x bit rate x refresh rate or frame rate= bandwidth go ahead try 3 30" monitors on 2 480gtxs i bet you wont go as far as you think... but try it and prove me wrong lol
  4. dont have an heatpades nor every tryed it before lol
  5. there running under default lol default is 870 /1050 im downed them down to 825/975 there just junk.... i honestly think the heatsink needs to be layed with new compound and heatpads
  6. thatd cost me money to ship garbage can is free!
  7. lately its getting very close... even on non demanding games on low settings i shoot a gun and the are i shoot lights up pixelated all different bright neon colors
  8. or throw them both in the garbage because thats where there going soon
  9. http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=24278&page=1 boooooo everyone says its noisey under full tilt! http://arcticcooling.com/catalog/product_i...=2_&mID=545 though they seem to be pushing it past its rated fan speed so that maybe why? ill be looking forward to OCC's review on this.. hopefully ccokeman can get a good overclock.. being they couldnt even do 15mhz higher
  10. dual 480s will NEVER run 3 30" monitors there simpletly isnt enough vram there....2 480s have just enough enough to run dx11 on playible fps as well... but hell try it if you want
  11. he should only need a 700 w psu for the load .. Ie an overclock of 4.4ghz on a 980x dual sli 480s draws a total of 697w... regardless the revolutions 85+ series i believe begin 950w soo no matter what hes safe... the evga classified has 3 16x 1 8 x lane ports on the limited edition which really isnt all that limited... and on the standard edition has 4 pcie 2 16x 2 8x... however the way the classified is setup along with a few other high end boards i believe there switchable and the power is given to the slot that is filled... and the slots are spilt up to 8x slots when more then 2 slots are filled... also the classified you can shut off pcie lanes to adjust things.. finally given the bandwidth of the 480gtx .. its just under the 8 limit so no matter what he will be fine and not bottleneck i see alot of people just blurting out thigns with out doing research not just in this thread but in quite a few... do some research before you speak... thats just a general statement to anyone no fingers pointed...
  12. was the story better or worse... i cringe at the fact these are limited as well..... whats the point of making a card if no one but a review or benchmarker can pick it up anyway?
  13. i threw them on a test platform temps are only 4*C cooler.... turning fan speed up i have to do it a certain way.. its very stange infact... if i turn both cards up to 100% fan speed... it causes the top card to heat up to failure.. sucking the air from bottom? im thinking i may have to remount the gpu coolers if anything...
  14. For the first time i checked temps with gpuz (v 0.4.2)..... i ran just l4d2 maxxed out at 2560 x1600 temps are idle: Gpu: 63*C Vram: 74*C Shader 67*C Load: Gpu: 87.5 *C Vram: 103 *C Shader 96.5 *C lol im to see what it does on crysis or vantage
  15. hmm nice but may i sugguest cleaning up the cables... i may have sugguested this over at trubritar as well
  16. im hearing 850$ for the standard custom cooling 4gb and 1000$ for the toxic overclocked model
  17. im waiting for a pair and i care alot about noise yes i know there price
  18. no im saying the whole cooling unit itself is 24.5 dba or .5 sone thanks ccokeman... i knew it had to be quiet also if you really wanna get into it... everytime you double the amount of fans it goes up 3dba (granted there the same one)... which on a meter is 2ce as loud... however to the ear every 10 db is 2ce as loud
  19. if you did your research instead of assuming youd know that there an impellar based design fan which have a wide blade spacing... run at a low rpm... and do not have a shourd for a reason.... to put it bluntly there ment to run quietly.. infact there suppose to be .5 sone which is 24.5 DBA ... compared to reference 44.5dba... quanity of fans has nothing to do with it...
  20. it was still deisgned with the attention of being extremely quiet... soo you got me why its so "loud"
  21. http://www.tweaktown.com/reviews/3242/sapp...card/index.html Saw this out front thought id bring it here to discuss... i gotta question one thing on though... the noise level... im having a hard time trying to swallow them claiming the cooler is louder then the reference card... i really do... esp being the cooler was designed specifically for silence
  22. all memory products come with a limited lifetime warranty lol
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