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  1. Thanks OCC for the prize and Happy New Year!
  2. Code for Grey Goo from the Christmas contest. Post up if you use it. TNFNG-DWL59- YMHQE
  3. Just hit me Christmas in July [emoji23] accidentally on purpose
  4. Nope, it did finally arrive thanks to Bosco's persistence!
  5. Thanks guys. I am really impressed with the case. Plenty of room to work and great for hiding cables for those that prefer a clean build, like me!
  6. Any updates/tracking? It will probably show up tomorrow since I am asking today but that would be ok with me (I double checked my entry email and I did put my address in correctly)
  7. Updated a few things, new mouse (to match the keyboard that hasn't yet arrived) and matching dual monitors now!
  8. Sweet, so the corsair stuff is shipping?
  9. Though very unlikely, if you get it that's the deal of the century. Post up what you get!
  10. Backstory: Won a corsair RGB keyboard in the OCC contest, wife called dibs, built her a new computer to go with it She's into watching/streaming on Twitch, retro gaming, The Sims, FFVII, Resident Evil and whatnot. So it's not mega powerful but more than enough for the games she's into. She first tried a new Dell laptop (which is for sale BTW) with the current gen i5 but it couldn't handle gaming and streaming at the same time. So now, her PC is much newer than mine but my Sandy Bridge machine is still kicking butt (though I am very tempted to build something new). I lent her a few things for this build; including the game controllers and HDD. Not including those parts and the keyboard prize, the build cost around $730. Here's the build: case PHANTEKS Enthoo Evolv ITX mobo GIGABYTE G1 Z170N cool CORSAIR K75 Cooler cpu INTEL i3-6100 gpu MSI 950GTX ram CORSAIR DDR4 3000 psu SEASONIC S12G 550W ssd SAMSUNG 850EVO rgb NZXT HUE+ vga AOC i2367F-B x2 acc 8BITDO NES30Pro acc CORSAIR M65 RGB acc CORSAIR Strafe RGB Pics: attached Video: http://vidmg.photobucket.com/albums/v299/pezcore350/RainbowPC_zpsz1op6fit.mp4
  11. Maybe Corsair will throw in some swag for the delay I built my wife a whole new PC (with matching rainbow LEDs) because of this keyboard so I hope they don't send something different instead, lol
  12. That's most likely an account that was legit but was hacked.
  13. I won a sweet RGB keyboard (that my wife is already claiming because of the rainbow colors), thanks Bosco, OCC, and Corsair!!! *edit - and just saw the Gigantic beta key, thanks some more
  14. ANTEC P183 INTEL i5 2500K GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3P CORSAIR Vengeance 4GB x 4 NVIDIA GTX570 SAMSUNG S3 HDD + OCZ SOLID3 SSD (intel RST) CORSAIR HX750 ANTEC Kuhler 620 SONY P234 23" LCD NILES SI245 Amp + MARTIN LOGAN Mosaic Speakers I live in the USA!
  15. I will provide instructions and the code. You download the game directly from Mania Planet. This code has never been used, and is 100% legit. No refunds. SOLD
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