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  1. Single Link wont work because the monitor doesn't have a built in scaler.
  2. Hi guys, I'm thinking about purchasing a PS4, but I don't know how I would go about connecting it. With a PC, I would just plug it in and that would be everything, but ironically enough the consoles seem to be a bit trickier due to their limited amount of outputs. The reason I need help is because I have a Korean IPS monitor with 1440p resolution. The only connection is a Dual Link DVI port, and a standard DVI cable won't work (I have tried before). How can I connect my PS4 to this display, or do I have to go out and purchase a TV just for it to work? I'm not familiar with scaling/converter boxes either. Is there any way I can use my PC as one with the purchase od an additional card?
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    Nice to have you!
  4. Congrats to the winners, he just added them it seems!
  5. Enjoy the holidays regardless of what and who you're celebrating with.
  6. What I got? Have no clue yet. But for my brother I got him a pair of Velodyne headphones. For my mom I got a Nokia Lumia 920 in red.
  7. And of course I had to send two emails because I forgot some details in the first one. I'm just awesome.
  8. Games like Witcher 2 and Mirror's Edge for around $5 is ridiculous. I'm not even a big fan of singleplayer games.
  9. Thanks, but unfortunately it looks like the damage is staying. All im wondering is if replacing the screen would be a solution to the touch problem?
  10. Hi, my friend recently was talking to me and he told me that he dropped his phone in the water. The phone itself works fine, it turns on, but the touchscreen is not responsive. The capacitive buttons work fine (as in, they vibrate, but there's no actual way to tell if their functions would work). Basically what I'm asking, as I have limited knowledge with phones (especially the Galaxy S3), is what would work in fixing it. Could I buy a screen replacement and pop that in? Or would the problem be more underlying?
  11. Got the mobo, but picked up some cheaper 8GB memory. Thanks IVI <3
  12. Hi OCC, I've got most of the stuff figured out for this build, but I haven't kept up with processors so much, and I was wondering what could be a good memory and motherboard combination with the Core i5 3570K? Microcenter has a sick deal for this processor.
  13. Thanks, I thought so but it's nice to get some confirmation. Also I've edited the OP so that it's easier to read. edit: also a shameless bump disguised as a normal post (but at the same time it is a normal post HAHA)
  14. General Information: Exact model and specifications here. I purchased the card on October 22nd, 2010. I've had no issues with performance, stability, or cooling. Here is OCC's review (the exact model is different, as OCC did not review my model). At the time of taking pictures the card is still incredibly dusty, however, I will clean it before shipping. Pricing/Shipping: $100 incl. shipping to U.S. I am currently looking at $100 including shipping to US only. If you would like to cover shipping costs outside of the US, I will gladly sell it to you if there aren't any ridiculously long procedures with customs (I have never shipped outside of the US). If you feel the price is unfair, I am open to negotiations. I will also of course ship it in original packaging. If there is a problem discovered with the video card upon delivery, I'd be willing to refund your purchase if you pay return shipping. The cards are also still under warranty (2 years after original purchase date). Pics: http://i.imgur.com/pOshj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3Lteu.jpg http://i.imgur.com/z3Ijo.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ApDIM.jpg My Feedback: heatware: lowkontrast ebay: lowkontrast69
  15. I think you answered your own question: It only happens while overclocking. What happens at stock settings? Does it run fine?
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    Diablo 3

    I've edited the OP again, there was a lot of outdated info that isn't relevant anymore. If anyone still needs to find something that was in the OP, I included the previous edit in a Google document.
  17. Would this be input lag? Even the difference between 10ms and 1ms is noticeable. edit: 1:20
  18. I didn't know there'd be a new Matrix film. Either way, something that isn't on this list but I'm really interested in is Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. Here's an awesome interview about it.
  19. The GTX 460 is a great card. I recently bought one for my friend's computer, and while it certainly won't max new games at 1080p, it's a great card for the price. Here are some reviews on OCC: Inno3D GTX 460 Palit GTX 460 ECS GTX 460
  20. Hey, thanks. Yeah, I noticed that I could barely feel it in Left 4 Dead or CS:S, but it's a lot more noticeable in Portal 2 and Battlefield 3 (I'm confused at this part, as Portal 2 and the other games are all on the same engine. Perhaps it's just the newer build I'm having issues with). Umm, there are so many things wrong here: I know. I have a 60HZ monitor, and seeing better performance between 60 FPS and more than 60FPS would be absolutely impossible. However, that's the exact issue that I brought up. Even though I have around ~90 FPS with Crossfire, it seems as if frames are being skipped (or something else is happening) which produces an image that's not smooth at all. There's a clear difference between having V-Sync enabled and disabled when I'm in Crossfire mode. Okay, well, if it doesn't can you please help me, as I'm clearly getting input lag on my end when I've got V-sync enabled? If it isn't supposed to introduce input lag, do you know how I could go about troubleshooting my situation? It can't be regular lag, because the connection from my mouse to the computer, and the computer to my monitor isn't influenced (at least in any way that I know) by the network. The game client doesn't require an immediate response from the server for you to change your direction on the screen (talking in an FPS perspective here). If it doesn't get a response for a while, you might get locked up and disconnected from the game. What you're thinking of is OnLive, where your inputs have to be sent out and processed before they are sent back to you by the server the game is being played on. That's preposterous. Only certain games benefit from having over 60 FPS. For example, Counter-Strike 1.6 sent an update (player position, etc.) to the server for every frame your computer processed, up to 100 FPS. Still, 300 FPS is a ridiculous number to pull out of your butt (sorry, OCC censored the appropriate word). The point is that I don't really care what my FPS is as long as I'm getting a smooth image. I know that normally, getting 60FPS or higher will result in the same smooth image. However, in this case, with Crossfire, I'm not getting that, and I'm left to wonder why it comes out like this without V-Sync, and if there's any way to fix it without getting the input lag associated with V-Sync. If you're suggesting that V-Sync doesn't cause a noticeable amount of input lag, then that's absolutely great! However, on my PC it is, and I'd like to know if there's anything I can to to fix this problem. P.S. As has been suggested, I've turned on triple buffering under the OpenGL settings for my drivers. However, it didn't really change anything, and I read that it's more to eliminate performance issues that people run into when they get under 60 FPS whilst enabling V-Sync. However, that's not my issue. Also sorry if I come across as being pissy when writing this. It's just that I'd like some help here, and you're coming here and saying that I don't have an issue when I clearly do, and then you go on to provide a stupid and unrelated explanation (oh noes < 300 FPS). I just want some help. Edit: I found this resource. It sounds like I'm getting microstuttering, and the only way to fix it is with V-Sync. However, I don't see how that'd be possible, with up to 34ms of display lag caused by Vsync. If people can see the difference between a 5ms response time and 8ms response time on a monitor, don't you think adding 34ms is a bit ridiculous, and certainly noticeable? Well crap, it seems like I can't really fix my issue without making some sort of sacrifice. :/ I'm never getting Crossfire again, lol.
  21. Alright, I would use V-Sync, but I'm playing FPS's and RTS's. I can't really deal with the mouse lag I get, and from what I've found online, a lot of people have problems with input lag and V-Sync. Does anyone have any ideas on how to eliminate it?
  22. *Edit* My original post was more of me complaining rather than asking the question, so here's a better phrased version: I'm running Crossfire, and without enabling V-Sync, I don't get smooth video until I hit 120 FPS (whereas with a single video card, 60 FPS = smooth video). It's a frustrating problem since running one video card as apposed to Crossfire comes out to a similar performance, even though I get many more frames with two. The only way to get around this is by using V-Sync (then Crossfire works great). Any idea how to fix this?
  23. When I look at Origin and compare it to Steam, it's pretty obvious that Steam is the victor. It's got more features, more users, and most importantly, a wider selection of games. However, the mistake in this comparison is assuming that Origin is attempting to compete with Steam in a direct manner - it's not. Origin is merely a way for EA to force their customers to purchase directly from them when it comes to digital sales. EA doesn't want Origin to start selling games from other developers, and in this aspect, the amount of users and selection of games is an unfair comparison to make between Origin and Steam. So all Steam really has is extra features, but that just comes from having all of the extra years behind it. By nature, I like Steam more - if every company went down the line of EA and made their own 'Origin', I'd have way too many applications on my computer just to download my games, which is why I don't like the idea of Origin. If EA wants a larger profit margin on their games, it's up to the "Steams" to compete by lowering the percentage of money they keep for every sale and winning over game developers that way. Origin-like programs aren't the solution, but merely a complication that shouldn't be necessary for the customer to put up with. Counter-Strike and WON.
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