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The Smith

3DMark Competition

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you need a new color for hex chips smith... Red=quad & 980x isn't a quad ;)

LOL yeah I thought about it while editing my post, but it slipped out of my mind before finishing it up. Thanks for the reminder though. I'll look into this tomorrow as I'm going to bed now. G'night :)

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3DMark06 and Vantage new runs at higher Core Clock, add them please.


All on air. :thumbs-up:


Here is my 3DMark06 Score:




Here is my 3DMark Vantage Score:



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Q9450 @ 3.9ghz on air and GTX285




Guess i could tweak it a little more, but sadly i gotta go afk for a month from tomorrow, and gotta get to the plain in 5 hours :P So basicly im out of time hehe :)


got a fast bench more and managed to push it a little more :P forgot orb result before too ;OOO



http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=13636069 :new 20182

http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=13634827 :old 20011


physx disabled ofc :)

Edited by Geniz

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Hey guys, how are the new colors?


Personally I think they're great like that, thanks CowKing for the shades of blue suggestion. I took shades of purple though since the dark blue will not be seen because of the forum background color. So I had to remove the purple from the dual-core category, which BTW I renamed "Tri-core and lower". I also ditched the grey to keep with the different shades setting, and I didn't change the red, orange, blue for quad-cores. This way, I will only have to change the "Dual-core / Dual-GPU&+" categories, which are in limited numbers. :)


I should update the thread tomorrow.

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