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  1. considering we're all takers, yeah, I'd say that's an accurate thing to say.
  2. Hey, i would have voted for Jill Stein if I thought she would actually win, but I didn't want Romney to win.
  3. Obama has kept a majority of his promises in his first term. Here's something to keep you busy. lol, I'm pretty sure this is undeniable fact.
  4. Did you even research Romney's policies, or did you just listen to fake bullet points like a good political soldier? You know what? You probably listened on his flip instead of his flop. Understandable, it gets hard to tell where his policies really stood. Brain damage isn't a joke Waco.
  5. Political parties change through time, so "real" conservatism isn't really a thing just like "real" liberalism isn't really a thing. I also said that just to make p1mp more butthurt. It's surprisingly easy.
  6. depends on how big the room is and if it has circulation with other rooms. I can tell you first hand that my bedroom in the summer got really dang hot with my current set up; balls soup hot. Opening the door helped though.
  7. Conservatives, they'll vote for anyone that takes away civil liberties, and have atrocious economic plans.
  8. You're right; I'm just a dumb liberal that hates America. Get some rest. You still need to recover.
  9. Oh right, I forget that you need to like 100% of a candidates policies in order to vote for them. You're still just butthurt.
  10. Who the hell would be against small business?
  11. Shit, Michelle Bachmann might get re-elected. On a brighter note, gay marriage looks like it will stay legalized in MN.
  12. I'm really glad Mourdock and Akin aren't anywhere close to winning a senate seat. Less crazy is good.
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