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  1. 2011 seems to be worthy to hold out for. Thanks for the input
  2. Firstly sorry if this has already been discussed as I'm coming late to the party. I haven't been around on the forums much lately as work has swallowed my life. What are the main differences b/w X58 (LGA 1366) and P67 (LGA 1155)? Is an upgrade to the newer platform worth it? Any kind of difference (real world/benchmarking)? I read the 2500/2600 k CPUs are better overclockers. But also the Gulftown proc's are pretty darn tempting as well to stick on the X58 side longer. That said, is there a new platform coming out to replace X58 as it seems P67 may be the new P55? I apologize my n00bness on the topic. Thanks guys
  3. Did you end up buying a DSLR? Which model did you get and do you like it? I'm also in the market for a D3000/5000 or Rebel XS. Trying to find a good entry-model
  4. Shoulda got cavs colors b/c as everyone knows Lebron>Kobe
  5. I am looking for a Wireless N Gigabit Router with good range (pref 3 antennas) and good reviews. Preferably good brand and in perfect working condition. Price depends on offering. Thanks
  6. NVM, confused gamespot with gamestop Just wrote up a rant about hating gamestop then realized it wasn't applicable at all.
  7. 47" Olevia LCD 1080P TV (Open box from MicroCenter FTW )
  8. All sockets are always "dying off". If you don't play with them in the mean time and always wait for what's next, you'll never have a rig
  9. I highly, highly recommend pre-owned components from* reputable* sellers*. There are tons of marketplaces out there that are scores cheaper than eBay. And eBay is usually cheaper than Newegg/TD :thumbsup2: *HIGHLY STRESSED
  10. Well I went with the nMediaPC case and a 300w Rosewill PSU. Now I just need everything to come and make sure all the used components I acquired work
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