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  1. Yes, here. I'll give the dual-techstation for free with it.
  2. Haha, unfortunately no. It's for two friends. BTW, do any of you know if there are taxes on pledges? I haven't found anything that says so.
  3. I pledged for three bikes in the end!
  4. So much as my five years old netbook works just as well as your desktop computer! NOT when you're a power user
  5. Hi folks, I just pledged for a fat bike on Kickstarter at 899$ CAD. The campaign ends in three days. It's very similar to the Norco Bigfoot 6.3 (same frame and similar components) which sells for 1045$ CAD, but if two more people pledge for it, it is going to be upgraded with a pair of Vee Snowshoe tires, which will make it even more of a better deal. So I thought I would share it with you!
  6. Bump, reduced price of phase change unit to 250$!
  7. They were lying on my desk. :-P Actually it's because I don't plan on having the opportunity to use them anymore. I have banned Windoze out of my personal life and SLI is not present on the other platforms. Also, I don't plan on spending enough money on my next upgrade for two cards.
  8. I'm doing some cleaning and don't have a use for such things anymore. If someone thinks he can put them to good use, I'm willing to give them all together. You only have to pay shipping. It's going to be like $4-5 to Continental USA/Canada, I believe. - 3x 2-Way SLI briges - 1x 2-Way CrossFire bridge - 1x 3-Way SLI bridge
  9. Single stage phase change unit added!
  10. The NVIDIA drivers can surely run alongside the AMD ones for each of their video adapter. If Shield streaming doesn't work and you have the game running on the NVIDIA adapter, then it might very well be an intentional limitation.
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