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Greetings From South Florida


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Long time reader, enjoy these forums very much. I am a long standing member of EOCF[Extreme overclocking forums] and PC Perspective forums as well as AnandTech as well a s some others too. I was led to these forums after I purchased 2 Asus P5K Premium/WiFi from Newegg as open box for $130.00 each, one for a E8400/MSI NX 8800GT OC gaming rig [since sold] as well as a similar one with a XeonX3210/8800GTX gaming rig. [in my Sig]


I came across your forums review http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/as...mium_wifi/5.htm which impressed me as far as objectivity and thoroughness.


I am a network admin for one of the 10 largest international comglomerates worldwide but started out as a run of the mill A+ PC tech which despite a fancy title I have now and all that good corporate stuff I still down in my heart a PC Tech. Forums of all kind come and go but I am impressed with what you all have created here and am honored to be able to join and participate. In fact I look forward to actively participating in all the forums that this site has.


Even though I have been exclusively working within the multi-domain enterprise environment [We have 30 different domains] I have never forgot what brought me to where I am today, the regular nuts and bolts of PC building and squeezing all the performance you can from aforesaid hardware.


I must say once again, I was extremely impressed with what I have seen so far and to tell you the truth it hard to get me excited about this kind of info anymore. You. ladies and gents have made me a happy camper!!!!!


Nice to be here!!!!!!!


Rich G aka Python 134r


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Thank you all, Just found this website again and happy I did, I figured I had introud meself andd did. Will be around now that I remembered , as I said this forum is refreshing to read and participate in..........

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