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  1. ^ Is incorrect, and is therefore correct. Wait, what? Let's start over....
  2. ^ Knows I haven't been up to date since Nehalem was first launched.
  3. ^ Wants me to win a copy of the super-fantastic, uber-orgasmic Modern Warfare 2.
  4. Just put the pre-order in for this baby, due next month... Perfect Grade 00-Raiser Ltd. Edition
  5. ^ Owes me money for said sticks of dead RAM. :angry2:
  6. Hall & Oates - Maneater She'll only come out at night!
  7. ^ Does not know I AM NINTENDO!!!1!!1!!1111!!1
  8. ^ Expects the constellation (that's right...constellation) prize known as suXXXorz.
  9. A lot of sliding, tons of water, one accident, and the last two stages were canceled due to flooding. Of course, that's a rough paraphrasing of the event, as already mentioned Subaru pulled away from WRC because they weren't getting the results they wanted (same ordeal that's going about in practically every form of motorsport right now). I missed the end of the coverage, so I don't know who actually won the first round.
  10. ^ Knows I have a crapin' headache. :angry2: EDIT: Really? Crapin'? What the hell is that?
  11. ^^ Should be aware < thought ^ said "telefagged".
  12. < Is witnessing the single most dirtiest incognito conversation ever recorded.
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