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  1. bought a blackberry curve 8530 for verizon and an otterbox defender case to go along with it. cant wait for it to get here!
  2. an AMD Phenom II x4 955BE CPU , Corsair XMS3 2x2gb ram ddr3-1600, and a Corsair hydro H50 cooler
  3. Went and got a ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO Motherboard. up next. AMD phenom II X4 955 BE and as of this moment __________ brand 2x2gb DDR3 ram
  4. i should have read your last post lol oh well friend request sent, im ed and congrats on winning!
  5. just got my saitek pro flight rudder pedals earlier today, cant wait to try it out with my yoke combo. tomorrow ill get my ear protection for work
  6. Just bought a pair of Nike Hyperdunk lows in Del sol/Varsity purple.
  7. amen to that, ate a peperoni and sausage stromboli at work.
  8. :stupid:, why not look on craigslist or ebay or anywhere else?
  9. Bought GTA4: Episodes from liberty city for PS3, and a Casio Men's Atomic WaveCeptor watch from shnoop for 15 bucks!
  10. "hmm i wonder i taste like" lmao
  11. Bought a few things a few days ago but they should be getting hear today. bought a saitek proflight yoke and throttle set, Bioshock2 bigdaddy and mgs3 naked snake action figures, and a 25 foot hdmi cable and a dvi-hdmi converter
  12. just got seats for a round trip flight to orlando from fort lauderdale. $0.00 the perks of working for an airline
  13. Sketchers Steel toe sneakers that come in tommorow FSDreamteam Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Intl Airport Scenery for FS9 and FSX. Very very realistic.
  14. cool, yea i need steel toes for work. dont want an airplane running my foot over lol. i have a pair fo timberland pro sneakers but there really not that comfortable and they are tearing up like crazy from the inside. on topic, i bought a chicken sandwich and fries for lunch at work.
  15. Two Dickies shorts for work and Galapagos Blu-Ray documentary. Might buy a pair of sketchers steel toe sneakers for work tomorrow. anyone have experience with any sketchers steel toes?
  16. oh i will!, i originally wanted to get the canon powershot sx20 is. but i liked the panasonic more. should be here tomorrow
  17. Just bought a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ35 Camera cant wait to get it!
  18. just bought a pair of sennheiser CX150 headphones to replace my dead creative ep-630 for 17.99 Incl Shipping from woot.
  19. bought a Sony MDR-XD100 Headhone and the God of War collection for PS3 and it only cost me 5 bucks thanks to Bestbuy reward zone cerificates
  20. well if your stating you have a grand and need help spending, why complain about spending a bit more?, while the rosewill might get good reviews, id rather get a qulity PSU that will last and be dependable, a corsair would be perfect.
  21. awesome, good to know, im gonna use it on my moms pc as i have a pc power and cooling silencer 500w which is just perfect for my pc, and i dont want to go thru the hassle of undoing everything lol
  22. Just got my PSU from mushkin, so shinny!, ill post some pics a bit later
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