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    EVGA X99 Classified. I7 6850K 32g Corsair Vengeance EVGA GTX FTW 1080, EVGA 1300w Super Nova Case Core X9
  1. Primochill PETG tubing. Been running distilled for week no more problems....lol. "Most likely it's Plasticizer caused by using low cost tubing,." Yea this is what I thought at first. However the particles were super fine and they were also in the unused portion of the coolant I used..... Maybe the cheap plastic container it came in was plasticizing.
  2. Yea. I went against my better judgement and went with the new coolant. I figured they are selling it and I was not able to find any bad reviews...lol. My mistake. You know what the clear loop makes my computer even better looking with the LEDs then that fancy coolant did. Live and learn. Now for some overclocking......
  3. It was ThermalTake c1000 red. As I tore down the system I noticed small white particles everywhere in my system. I suspect these are nano particles. All I know is it clogged everything up including my radiator and cpu block. I had to completely flush and rinse my radiator and cpu block. I took a small towelette on a small dowel and was able to clean all the insides of the tubes. I should have taken pictures it was amazing how much fine white nano particles were in my system. System is back up no color water just plan distilled water. My temps are 3 degrees better and no worrying about the coolant clogging up my loop. I am going to get primochill red dye to dye my loop. I am done with any coolant that has nano particles....... Thanks
  4. It has been awhile since I have posted here. I believe it was 2011...lol Ok I have quick question. I had no hazing at all on any of my tubes when i installed into my system. Now 4 to 5 days later I have hazing on most of my tubing. I had no hazing at all on any of my bends. . Any Ideas of why this is happening. I am going too have to redo all the tubes and do not want to make the same mistake. 16mm PETG Tubing.
  5. Hey thanks for the input. What do you think of this ram? STT Project X DDR3-2000 4GB (2x2GB) CL9 Dual Channel Memory Kit. $179.00 / Any suggestions? Thanks. Your input will make the process of upgrading easier. :withstupid:
  6. Hi everyone. I need a little help. I am going to buy a an EVGA 790i TR version motherboard. My question is should I run 4g 2x2 DDR3 2000 or should I run 8g 4x2 of DDR3 1600 memory. The reason I ask is according to all the reviews I have read only the black slots support DDR3 2000 memory. But all 4 slots support DDR3 1600 memory. Oh I plan on buying a Quad Core Q9550. Thanks your help would be appreciated.
  7. I am currently using Vista Ultimate 32bit. Would this make a difference
  8. Ok here it goes. I bought an EVGA 780i Motherboard. Slot 0,2,and 3 work fine. I put memory in slot 0 and 2 for dual channel. Slot 1 is not working. I put memory in slot 0, 2 and 3 it works. It shows 3g. However it is in single channel mode. My question is should I use only 2g of memory in slot 0 and 2 for dual channel or use all three working slots for 3g of single channel. I am currently in communication with EVGA concerning possible RMA. But until then which configuration would be best. Your input would be appreciated.
  9. 1024 x 768? COD4 Optimal settings recommends 800 x 600. With setup listed in my signature. However I am upgrading to the listed items above.
  10. I have a 19inch flat panel widesrceen. Also will a 8800gt out perform to 8600's in sli. Also I just bought an EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1 780i SLI INTEL 775 DDR2 MOTHERBOARD. I plan to install an Intel E6850 CPU and 4 gig of ddr2 800 4x1g and installing Vista 32 bit. I hope to upgrade latter to 64 bit.
  11. I would like to do that bought I am setup for sli. Will that card work in a sli configuration.
  12. I currently have 2 xfx 7900 gt cards in sli configuration. My question is I have a chance to buy two Nvidia 8600GT HDCP SLI Video Card 256mb DDR3 for $80 dollars. Is this worth it. I am on extremely tight budget so I can't afford $200 dollar cards. Or would i better off buying two EVGA 8600GT 256MB DDR3 PCI-E SLI Video Card for 116 dollars. Your input and opinions would be appreciated. I have till tomorrow to make my decision. Thanks.
  13. OK. I have memory unlinked and running at stock speed CPU is still unstable at any thing above 2.6. Should I up CPU Voltage?
  14. OK. I have o/c my e2200 from 2.2g to 2.6g using only changes to the FSB. My problem is that anything above that starts to get unstable. It runs fine until I run 3dmark06 during cpu test. I have tested my vid card and it is ok. No overclock yet. I read the O/C guide posted here and my next step seems to be voltage increases. First I have an Abit FP-IN6 SLI board 2x1g PNY DDR2 667 mem (Just ordered 2x2g OCZ DDR2 800). I also have two XFX 7900GT cards in SLI (This is temp until I get some money for better cards) Arctic 7 Cooler. CPU and GPU temps seem fine using SpeedFan and Everest. Current Voltage CPU=1.3250 DDR2=1.8 CPUVTT=1.20 NB=1.20v My question is what I should change and how much is safe. My goal is to get CPU up to 3.0g. Also what is the NB and what does it do and should I consider using a NB cooler. Can the NB being to hot cause my prob. It does seem to be hot tp the touch. Any input would be helpful Thanks from a noobie. :thumbs-up:
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