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So I bought an Antec 900 to drown my sorrows :D

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rado, rado, rado - you're just lookin' at Candy and Jasmine again :D


The SkyHawk 620 PSU will be upgraded to a Corsair HX-620 with those nice flexible black modular cables.

Great review here and the cables lengths are listed on Page 3.



The XFX 7900GT is sold, and we'll be using the XFX 8800GT.

(I'm still on the 8800GT stock cooling but intend to upgrade that as well)


The reviews on the GSkill F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ look fantastic and I hope I get as lucky as other users.



Going with the DFI LT LP P35 T2R.

I love the looks and got a great price on it!



Not sure what processor but I really hope I can wait for the E8400 (3.0GHz 45nm)


Pre-ordered ($5 downstroke) the E8400 from TankGuys a couple of hours ago. :)

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Forgot about the HX-620 and the DFI P35; lets hope you get the E8400 (and the rest of it) soon :dog:


rado, rado, rado - you're just lookin' at Candy and Jasmine again :D


Well they are a highlight of this thread ;)

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Don't know about the handles. I think the billet handles from MNPCtech would match the shape of the 900 better:




Have Bill work you up a deal and get them powder-coated or something.


Well the external shape really matches the front profile of the case; but it'd have to be black to go with the case

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Already checked.

$50 for the handles and $15 for the powder coating = $65

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Have Bill work you up a deal...


I said that, too. Man, that's what I get when I stay up all night :( Nobody gets me...

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Guest Blooz1

Wouldn't it be cheaper to get 'em anodized? Same result..

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I am getting some pretty positive feedback from some people on the handles.


Perhaps the feel of handles is best determined by those that use them. :)


I did want something:

a) that looked Industrial/Commercial/Professional Strength

B) had a very low profile

c) were "rounded' so they wouldn't be cutting into things.

d) they're really not as much for "lifting" as for "tipping",

the case is starting to get pretty heavy as we keep adding gear, nice to have something solid to grab onto.

e) unique, I've never seen an Antec 900 with handles before.

("Eww Marge look at that, an Antec 900 with handles

Mmmm, Handles)




The mirror window does make the handles blend into the case more.

I've got the case sitting on the dining room table.

I think I walk by it 50 times a day.

The handles are on it but not permanently secured.

Usually if I still like something after two weeks it's a keeper.


I'm still working out how to mount them and reinforce the top section.

I could see the plastic top being completely ripped off if the handles weren't secured through the steel top.

Course the 200mm fan isn't gonna make the fit easy for handles.


Good day so far, managed to find the screws I needed for the Zalman 9700 LED and the missing DFI cable that connects to the Bernstein Audio Module.

Got a couple of plaques ordered as well.


And I really appreciate the input from everyone.

('cept you wackos that are really fugged up in da haid) :D


Any chance of some pictures with the top off and the handles where they are on the plastic top? :O


If I'm being greedy feel free to set radodrill on me :)


LOL, Are you looking for something shot straight down from above the fan?

And the handles placed where I think they are gonna go?


Yes, I will be taking the top off (again) but I'm doing a slow "un-build" right now.

Seeing where things looked "great" and things that were just "OK".

(Lot of stuff to pull out of this sucker, and I still need to decide what to monitor with the Dallas One-wire probes)

I'll be in Chicago next week so you'll need to bear with me a bit.


And I promise to send some wallet-size "nekid" rig photos to you and that other perv, Run N. Gun :D


I wouldn't worry about radodrill.

Seems he threw his back out in a "pleasekillme" Throwing Contest trying to impress the girls.

As soon as he heals a little he'll be starting the "radoBase" section of the SR-1.

(you got seatbelts on that chair don't ya?)



Hate to veer off topic (again) but Jebus, Amazing all the kewl stuff google finds for “Zoltan”


"Be at one with the water"



the guy in the middle looks like a very tall “hoss”

(I think he is Zoltan and the other two guys are "followers")




“Tommy can you hear me? Tommy can you hear me now?”




and Zoltan, Hound of Dracula”




The preceding has been brought to you by the “Zoltan for President” Foundation.

Send PayPal donations to [email protected]


-Hold on, now, so yer telling me that you put these little guys in boiling water and they shriek and they turn red and they die.




-That is the most metal thing I ever heard in my whole life. High five.

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I thought Zoltan was that dude from "Dude Where's my car"?


Nice quote, lol. Now who the hell is ErBall?

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