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So I bought an Antec 900 to drown my sorrows :D

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Pimp suits wouldn't help "Hoss" and "pleasekillme"; they'd just put their Zoltan jumpsuits on over top of them :tooth:


Seriously Carl why don't I get invited on these outings; RAD will prevail ;)

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Pretty dang excited.

The XFX 8800GT (and 2gB SKill DDR2 for a future build) are "out for delivery".

Yes, the one with the Black PCB.




had a heck of a time trying to find a 270 degree LEFT ANGLE SATA cable that would clear underneath the video card.

A normal RIGHT ANGLE goes the other way, so I ordered two from performance-pcs.


Should be here in a day or two.


Santa, Montana, Candy and her friend Jasmine are all coming over to party for the 4 day weekend.

(Jasmine loves geeky gifts and knee high leather boots)




Doesn't get much better than this.:)


(Don't worry rado, I'll send some pics)

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UPS Dude looking for a signature.

I signed "radodrill" :)




GSkill DDR2 - ooo, shiny box :)




Nice Packaging and graphics




Little peak-a-boo action. Very glad to see it had the new larger 60mm fan :thumb:




And a black PCB to match the mod color scheme.




Nine inches/230mm long.




It's got the XFX Metal escutchen that keeps the card from bending




Sweet black and green theme for the Back of card.




I'm trying to hold myself back and take some pics and run some benches of the old 7900GT vs new 8800GT.

It ain't gonna be easy.

Feelin that "b" word coming on again.

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I've got three 939 Overclocking Database entries I'll throw into a spreadsheet along with the 8800GT later.

Just couldn't wait to install the 8800GT :)


Here are the default benchmarks with a quick card swap.

Rig is at my 24/7 OC of 2850 MHz, 8 Hour Orthos stable.


This card at stock, but I'm using RivaTuner to set the GPU fan at 80%.

Note: Yes, I can definitely hear the 8800GT fan above the others.

All the Antec fans are set to Medium, EverCool VC-RE chipset fan at 100% and Zalman CNPS 9700 CPU fan at 100%






RivaTuner 2.06




FutureMark 200SE
















Not sure how it will clock with the stock cooler, but I'll give it a try soon.

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If you read my post here


regarding the 8800GT blocking the SATA ports on the DFI NF4 I got some news.


Well, yes and no, on that information.

Once I had the new Card in it looked like there just might be enough room to get that 3rd SATA cable in behind the 8800GT without using the special 270 degree LEFT ANGLE cables I just ordered :)

(shoulda seen that one coming, huh?)


So if I bent the SATA connector just a little bit (this is when I usually break something of course), I could get it in.

Well it fit, not even a hair to spare.

The card and the connector hit each other.

Looks like the card is pushed up slightly.

But it's working fine so far. :)


the 3 SATA connectors in.




Does, the card look a little raised to you?




You can see the 3 LEDs that will be inserted in the "radoBase" at the bottom of the pic.

I can test them while I program the LED sequence.






Not so happy with these shots.

Try and get something better later.

I may have figured out how to work the camera (sorta) :)

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radodrill, you are in luck :)


Seems some of santa's helpers are stuck on the East Coast because of the storm and need a place to stay for a while :D

(luggage has been lost, poor girls don't have thing to wear, just tragic.)

Do whatever you can to protect them from the cold.

(I hope you have "vitamins" there)


That's "Montana" on Santa's left in the photo.

(she's always trying to put something in her mouth)


I gave the girls your address and they should be there any minute.



forum/M.U.M.M. members "Hoss" and "pleasekillme" somehow overheard me when I gave your address to the girls.


The keys to the forum 1965 VW Micro Bus are missing as well as a large container of Arctic Silver Ceramique.

(the mind reels at what might be going through their overclocked brains)

I am afraid they may be headed your way.



(Both are very short and are wearing the Zoltan jumpsuits you knitted them for Christmas).

"Hoss" is wearing his P4 HSF Beltbuckle and "pleasekillme" has case badges all over his face.

At least they'll be easy to spot.


P.S. - Mom asked how the "radoBase" was coming :)

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Lots of stuff going on here.:)


As we last left the case




Decided to take it apart this weekend.

(shakes head - it takes so long to put it together and hide those wires,

but you can strip a rig down in minutes)

Got some new stuff going inside.




The SkyHawk 620 PSU will be upgraded to a Corsair HX-620 with those nice flexible black modular cables.

Great review here and the cables lengths are listed on Page 3.



The XFX 7900GT is sold, and we'll be using the XFX 8800GT.

(I'm still on the 8800GT stock cooling but intend to upgrade that as well)


The reviews on the GSkill F2-6400CL5D-2GBNQ look fantastic and I hope I get as lucky as other users.



Going with the DFI LT LP P35 T2R.

I love the looks and got a great price on it!



Not sure what processor but I really hope I can wait for the E8400 (3.0GHz 45nm)


So I took the 2G GSkill RAM, the 8800GT, and the 3 HDDs (900Gb) and added another 250Gb (cause I think "Terabyte" sounds really kewl) -

and stirred it up in a big kettle with my backup rig


(The board has 4 additional Silicon Image 3114 controllers, which was good since only three of the nVidia can be accessed due to the 800GT's length.


My trusty Antec Trio 550 PSU (butt ugly plain jane old skewl looks but great performance)

and added a dash of A.C. Ryan UV CCFLs


I left my 939 X2 3800+ in the board (2.7GHz OCDB stable)


but removed the stock AMD heatpipe cooler and went with the Arctic Cooling A64 Pro.

I'd tried the A64 Pro on it before but still couldn't pass 2.7G Orthos stable.


Forgot it wasn't the nekid Opty 170 so I just dialed in the 2.85G/GSkill settings and everything worked perfectly.


This all went into an Old Antec Lanboy case.

(And actually it was much easier to hide the wires than in the Antec 900 :D)




I find OCCT to be a great "quicky" test for stability.

I especially like the temperature and voltage graphs.




Needs some cleaning up but it's coming along,






Check the UV paint on the TV Tuner card at the bottom,

It really lights up well under UV light. schwing!




With the side window on.

Not sure why Atec made the window on this case so "murky" (probably cost) :)

Sure makes you wonder what a Mirror panel would look instead.




My temperatures were up at least 10 degrees across the board.:D

Wasn't surprised at all.

The hard drives pretty much block the input from the 120mm front fan.

(the 200mm on the top of the 900 may help cooling a little) :)

During a 4 hour Orthos the CPU hit 55C (so I'd think the Core Temps were around 65C), the PWMIC hit 63, and the Chipset 54C.


Gonna be selling some more "pre-driven" components.

May want to keep an eye on my FOR SALE thread and take advantage of the old geezer.


So we still got a lot going on.

(Case Mods are never really completed, the case just gets more holes cut into it.)

Hope you stick around as we near completion.

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What all did you use UV paint on? That looks really great! Are you dumping the 900 case entirely or what? I must have missed something.



I just used the UV paint on the edge of the TV Tuner card at the bottom of the PC.

It does look really good doesn't it?


Dumping the Antec 900 case?

No way Jose.


But obviously this mobo and PSU will require a different layout.

Plenty of modding still to do on the Antec 900.

(May actually have to cut some holes in the Antec 900 to make it look spiffy)



I was just showing what I will be using instead for the next two or three weeks.

Like the cowardly lion from Oz, the Antec 900 needs a new "heart" :D


So we're upgrading GPU, PSU, CPU and mobo. :)


P.S. what do you think of these handles in black?




Dang it, I'm getting that error message again.



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Actually they look more like this






Thoughts anyone?


"pleasekillme" gave the handles a 10 out of 10.

But he's also talking about having a Matrix Orbital display implanted into his forehead.

Said he really digs the "arrows".

(Most of the case badges have fallen off. Probably for the better.)

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Guest element

They are ok. More functional that stylish. 7/10. I'm just a clean freak when it comes to cases.

I own 2 antec towers here. :D :drool: Fits 2900's/GTX's so I'm happy.

Will be drilling in some 92's into the older black one of mine, hopefully tonight.

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I appreciate your thoughts:)


They are starting to grow on me already.


I Kinda like the "Industrial" style.

Looking functional is GOOD. :D

(As opposed to case stickers on your forehead)


They got a nice low profile too.


They probably will look a little "spiffier" when the SR-1 is mounted on the "radoBase" ;)

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