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So I bought an Antec 900 to drown my sorrows :D

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Zoltan is everywhere mang.


Zoltan: We'll travel through space... with cool aliens who LIKE us!


[as Super Hot Giant Alien passes overhead, a Father and Son see up her skirt]

Birthday Son: I want to go on that ride, Daddy.

Birthday Father: Me, too, Son. Me, too.


Note: important background information for those that are new to the thread


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Don't forget the rest of the Zoltan cult; especially Jeff :P


Zarnoff: [introducing the Zoltan cult] My name is Zarnoff. This is Zabu, Zellnor, Zelbor, Zelmina, and, uh, Jeff.

Jeff: Hey.

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Some pics of the underside of the top.

They bolts will clear the fan :)

Yellow is where it looks like the bolts need to go :(


But now if I can find the correct size "posts" (fat ones) to put the bolts that secure the handles/case top/"posts"/steel top of case through.

I may not even need those plastic "tabs" there :)




Some more shots (from the top) as I look at positioning.






Also shot the case/handles with the AC Ryan AcrylMirror Panel in place.




Kinda reminds me of the "Gattling Gun" from Furutremark :)


I think they blend well into the "Industrial" look.



I'd also like your opinions on the Corsair PSU.

It has a "Corsair 620" decal on either side.

(I hate the red)




Of course it will be flipped over in the SR-1 (fan up) and the "Corsair 620" decal is upside down.

Kinda makes it look like you were high or a tard when you assembled it. Or Both.


So I tried it with a little of the "Chrome Aluminum" vinyl from MNPCTech that I used on the drive cage area.

Sort of an accent.




other possibilities I can think of are;

a) remove red Corsair decal carefully and replace it correct orientation (ie, non-tard)

B) Use new roll of "CarbonFibre" vinyl from MNPCTech in the decal area (or all) of the PSU.

c) Remove the "Corsair 620" decal completely (totally black side, nekid)


Not sure how to tackle the Decal on the fan hub.

Unit has NOT been opened (or tested) and I'd hate to void another warranty.



Been doing a lot of reading about the DFI mobo.

Always exciting to use a DFI motherboard.

They seem to "fly" or "fail" :D

What else can I say

I'll either be "high-fivin" or "cryin"




That's an Enzotech aftermarket cooler



Board came with it and a spare Bios chip (never leave home without it).


Man, I can't wait to get that E8400 and put this sucka together. :)

"And then?"

Overclock the mofo

"And then?"

Assemble the case

"And then?"

Mount it on the "radoBase"

"And then?"

"And then?"

"And then?"

"And then?"


So any thoughts? comments? suggestions?

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handles are secured with "the fat metal posts/sleeves that you mentioned?"

I think we're still on the same page with that approach.

Screw through the posts/sleeves to the handles through the plastic, from under the metal top.


werd :D


be zactly where I am comin from my fine brutha.

Yes, bracing of some type is probably a very good idea (but again, I'm a "tipper" not a "lifter")

Lotta work cutting metal.

I am really have no shop area here at Casa Del Crazy Carl.

And they probably won't plow the La Quinta parking lot until the spring :)


hmm, wonder if I know anyone with the proper tools to cut a coupla holes in a steel "plate" for me.

The Steel shouldn't need to be too thick.

Just a 1" wide plate the width of the chassis interior with the holes in the correct position.

couple of the suckers.


DFI mobo:

Just found this and it looks ohsofrikken kewl.

An equally appreciated function is the simplified "Clear CMOS" function.

To clear the CMOS, simply press both the EZ Power and the EZ Restart button at the same time for about four seconds.

Then release the power button first, then the reset button.

This function will hopefully also work with the power on and reset buttons on the chassis.


Bet I've cleared the CMOS (needing to remove battery and move jumper) hundreds of times :)

I love the on-board Power and Reset switches on the LanParty boards.

I always test the setup "out of the case" first.


The SATA cables look nice.

Decent thickness, pliable and a nice UV.

I'm thinking the blue and green interior will compliment the black and silver exterior.


So any ideals on the fan hub decal?

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Here's an idea for mounting the handles;


1) remove the plastic studs in the highlighted areas

2) drill holes for the handles into the plastic top and case for the handles

3) get metal plates (maybe 25mmx200mm) and drill holes to match screwholes for the handle (3 per handle = 6 total)

4) install handles with all-thread; namely: Handle -> plastic top -> metal plate -> double-nut -> space -> double-nut -> metal plate -> case -> metal plate -> double-nut (can also use nylock nuts instead of the double-nuts)

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Here's my idea on the decal: screw the warranty open it up and pull it off.


Or.. turn the PSU on and color the spinning fan with a black marker or one of those liquid silver pens.



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Nice to see that my old 620W has found a new cozy home. :)


For the decal on the fan, couldn't you just put a little circle of the chrome on the fan grill?

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courtesy of "Goo-Gone"


Here's an x-sectional view of my thoughts on mounting the handles



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