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  1. Have you guys ever seen the Techstations on HighSpeedPC.com? http://www.highspeedpc.com/Merchant2/merch...Code=TopTechSTD I think they're pretty darn cool, and they come in handy, but I don't have $80 plus shipping to lay down on one. So what's a guy to do? Build one, of course! I went to my Home Depot and bought some 5/8" square stock (2 x 36"), some rubber feet, a 4-pack of angle brackets and some nylon screws. I then popped over to my local Ace Hardware and picked up three packages of plastic bumpers. I used the assembly instructions from the HighSpeedPC site to figure out how big to make everything. With about 3 hours of work (including planning) I ended up with this: I had the rest of the parts laying around the shop. I even put a screw in to hold the PCIe card in place :beer Aside from the parts I already had, I spent about $12. I can't wait until I start getting some parts in to test it out.
  2. Last day deal for the Lian Li Spider case: $350 shipped That's cheaper than you can buy a regular PC-P80B. Deal goes through 4:00 pm central time. If it's not sold (or if no one has contacted me to work out a deal), it goes to ebay. Still considering trades for 45nm CPU's and 24" LCD monitors.
  3. The Spider is going to ebay soon. Better make offers now if you're interested. I'll consider 45nm CPU's + cash for the case.
  4. Last chance sale here. Added my Lian Li PC-P80R Spider case.
  5. Soprano FX case sold on TPU last night. OrigenAE C10 may be sold soon.
  6. No, you're not being a pain. You're doing the job you're supposed to do, and I wouldn't expect anything else from you or one of the other mods. :beer Like I said, if any interested party makes the request, I will make the time to take the pic for verification before you sent money. Right now I have 2 weeks of school left, at least half a dozen school projects that need to be finished up by then (including a new one I just got tonight :mad: ), plus we're in the middle of rolling out over 400 thin clients at the hospital where I'm doing my internship. Add that to life, family and my other "job" at TPU and something's got to give. Like I said, if you want me to I'll remove it - all you have to do is ask. Also, if it helps any, follow this link: http://duorb.thermaltake.com/ That lists the prize winners for the contest. Match up the Second Prize winner's name with my user ID, email address and heatware - even my paypal address which is the same as the one registered with this forum or heatware - and you can have a bit more confidence.
  7. Sorry, I just saw that post (never got the Instant Notification :confused: ). Pics for everything I have for sale are in the first post EXCEPT the case. ATM, I do not have the time to get a pic for it, but I will guarantee that if any interested party want a pic of the case inwill make the time for them and take a photo. I am just up to my ears in school work and prepping for finals. If that's not good enough, Steve, LMK and I'll remove the listing for the case. As I said, everything else for sale is already in the pic.
  8. OK, so it seems I'm a lucky bastard , as I won a Soprano FX (and a V1 CPU cooler) in the "Lucky DuOrb" contest Thermaltake had: http://duorb.thermaltake.com/ So, I'm debating whether of not I should replace my Lian Li. I mean, I love the PC-A10B, but the top area where the motherboard goes is a little cramped, and the only option I have for the triple radiator is the external mount across the top (I don't have enough room for a RadBox on the back on my desk). Part of the decision to go with the Soprano FX is if I can work in the triple rad somewhere else. Here's the case: http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Chassis...x/vh1000bws.asp Outside Inside Rear So currently, my thoughts are to install the radiator in the bottom of the case (which may not be possible with my plans to go CrossFireX), or to mount the radiator in the front behind the mesh. I would be using a Swiftech MCR320-QP-K rad, which should be slim enough to fit in the 5.25" bays (it's 5 1/16" wide). I am thinking about installing it so the barbs are at the top, and place the barbs behind the movable Power/Rest switches/3.5" bay, and locate them in the second bay from the top. That should leave the top bay open for a DVD drive. I might make a custom panel to cover the fans & rad instead of the stock bat covers. However, I may have to just use the Dual Rad I have instead, but if I were to cool a Quad core, X38 chipset and an HD3870X2 (or two!) I don't think that will be big enough. My other mod idea would be to remove the HDD bays at the top/rear of the case, and install a Swiftech MicroRes & fill port back there. My four Seagate-drive raid array will have to go in a converter bay. Anyone else have ideas or suggestions?
  9. t_ski

    New case for the wife.

    Hrmmmm Have you ever though of the Thermaltake Soprano FX (cough) ???
  10. t_ski

    Soprano FX mods?

    OK, I'll give you a hint for the first one: Think "red spider"
  11. Rosewill RX82-U sold. Thermaltake Soprano FX arrived today and is up for sale.
  12. t_ski

    Soprano FX mods?

    The review for the one I have should be complete by next week. The second case is slated to arrive Tuesday....
  13. t_ski

    Soprano FX mods?

    lol and the Soprano FX arrived today...
  14. t_ski

    LIan Li parts

    I have the last one, but I think I'm going to hold on to it for the time being. You best bet would be to check out www.performance-pcs.com, as they have hundreds of Lian Li parts available. Here's the direct link to the Lian Li section: http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...main_page=index
  15. t_ski

    Soprano FX mods?

    Sorry guys, but when you see the two cases I got, you'll understand...
  16. t_ski

    Soprano FX mods?

    Well, it seems I'm going to be drowning in cases now. Aside from my original Lian Li and the Soprano FX, I have two other high-end cases (which shall remain nameless for the time being ). So I'm not going to persue any mods to this case. Just wanted to thank everyone for their input, and hopefully I'll have something else to mod for you in the near future.
  17. t_ski

    Building PC for my great uncle.

    I saw a guy over on PCPer forums that had a Duron 1300, Socket A mobo, AGP card, and a bunch of other stuff for $45 plus shipping.
  18. Well, it's been a long time coming, but I finally cut into my Lian Li PC-A10B. I have been disgusted with the lack of radiator support for this case and cut the top to fit my Swiftech MCR320, which is (along with the MCR220) the only rad that lines up with the knock-outs for the tabing from the rad. During this process I have taken out my watercooling and gone back to air. Amazingly (or maybe not so), with just three Yate Loon DSL12's in the top (running on 4 or 5v) the CPU temp has dropped 4-5C degrees, plus I've been able to take out the OCZ XTC ram cooler. I've got some pics coming, but I just wanted to share what I've got so far...
  19. Stuff sold and list updated. E6850, Rosewill, V1 and Asus mobo now for sale.
  20. Looking good. You can buy the C/U channel online at stores like MNPCTech & Frozen CPU.
  21. t_ski

    Building PC for my great uncle.

    I suggest you offer your stuff up for sale, then build him a rig with the oney from that.