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How to make your Windows desktop look great without additional program


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After a while of using the boring windows xp theme, its very common to want a change. Many people have tried programs from stardock and stylexp, but have discovered that the program takes up memory on their systems, or that the theme packs are loaded with spyware(Yuck!). I'm writing this guide for all the people that want to make their windows desktop look fantastic, but without spyware or programs taking up memory.


The simple solution to this problem is the UxTheme Multi-Patcher. It replaces a windows file and allows user created themes work on windows. No extra programs needed, just the patch. First you need to download the patch. Here are a few mirrors.



German Mirror

Freeware Files US

Freeware Files Australia

9Down US


Now that you have the patch, run it and replace the windows file. A restart is required, and then you may download and apply 3rd party patches. A few people have reported problems with the above patch, although the cause is unknown. It is the most recent though. If you have any problems with the patch above, just download the 4.0 version.


Finding a theme you like is the hardest part. Here are some common websites to find themes.







After you download a file, you need to extract it to the windows themes folder. It is located in


After you have extracted the folder, there will be a file that is labeled as a “Windows Theme File”. Double click on this icon and the Display Properties box should pop up with your new theme selected.


Apply the theme and it should change to a new, much better looking windows desktop. Hopefully using this tutorial, your desktop went form looking like this:


To something like this (Theme varies)



An optional step in completing your desktop is downloading Yahoo Widgets Tool. Although this is a program that takes up some memory, the amount taken up is very limited. After all, we are overclockers, im sure you have some additional memory. Using this tool you can have things such as clocks, weather, system stats, and sports news on your desktop.


Add on:


I have just found an additional little program that gives your desktop a sidebar, which is fully customizable to have anything you want on there. The program is called Desktop Sidebar. On their website they have downloadable plug ins ranging from system specs to file viewer. It also has many user created skins that you may change any time. It really is a great program and it hasn't taken up more than 20 megs of memory on my computer, which isn't that bad. Here is a screenshot of my skinned windows desktop with Desktop Sidebar installed.


If there is anything I can add to this tutorial please respond. If you have any additional questions please reply or drop me a pm.





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Thanks Thunda. Guides like these are cool because they explain little things that will make your computer using experience easier. I always used windowsblinds and objectdock which took up 75mb together. That wasnt fun. Just trying to contribute.

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