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  1. Yeah, I gots a new card - first ATI card I've used. I'll update the rig sig in a bit. http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/album_phot...hoto=1427058860 http://www.photobox.co.uk/album/album_phot...hoto=1427059562 First appeared after I installed the display driver I think. Bought the card, uninstalled nvidia display drivers, and deleted related files in explorer and registry entries in CCleaner. Also removed all MS kb[number] uninstaller entries while I was there. Switched off and swapped cards, booted and downloaded latest official Catalyst drivers (...was this wise?) instead of using the driver CD. Installed display driver only. d/led and installed ATI Tray Tools via guru3d. Had Rivatuner already, uninstalled that and removed remnants with CCleaner. Installed Asus GamerOSD software only - not any of the other stuff on the CD. ATI Tray Tools asked to disable the 'ATI hotkey poller' service on starting and I told it to do this every time it runs. Played with some display settings and tried the low level OC settings. Actual problem is any changes to the clock settings or auto testing result in a bsod that mentions the Catalyst driver file ati2mtag.sys. idk whether to change it first or try another utility.
  2. That looks great, syngen, I'll keep it in mind. Already have True Image 7 for myself. The installed program now errors out on creating backups (? even after complete removal and re-install) but the recovery CD still works fine for that.
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    Free Games

    / I have it as a home page, but haven't been interested in anything there so far. http://www.gameboomers.com/FreeGames.html
  4. That old chestnut, you kidding? Interesting plans (excuse the source given). http://www.gamasutra.com/php-bin/news_index.php?story=15861 1-2 if that, I mainly catch up on older titles and (legitimately) free games. Bought a bunch of titles in the New Year Steam sale, stops and starts like that.
  5. Funny stuff. I installed Vista Transformation Pack 6... Trying to UNinstall it was what fubared everything.
  6. The MBM guide on here isn't hard to follow and the screensaver is great. I like Core Temp and the old free version of Everest as well, avoid using SmartGuardian as it keeps adding itself to startup processes whether I tell it to or not. :mad: Others: NextSensor PC Wizard Powerstrip (GPU) Rivatuner (GPU) Samurize SiSoft Sandra SIW SIV SpeedFan Intel Tat ATITool (GPU) Winstat Winbar
  7. You were asked for a regular username and password, that password should be what it asks you for when you want to perform an root user level task in a 'regular' user session.
  8. Using CCleaner atm. There's also ncleaner and Easy Cleaner, regcleaner and regscrubXP for registry, and Disk Cleaner for files only.
  9. Happy holidays guys. Or for the curmudgeons, top of the annual credit free-for-all to all a ya.
  10. omfg, what was that kid on the drums? :eek2: Kind of a worrying prediction and a great cover. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fi4fzvQ6I-o
  11. This had to go in here. Just wt... http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/worl...icle2971369.ece
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