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  1. jaww^

    Just Finished Crysis

    thanks for ruining it for me,btw cod4 owns crysis
  2. I would like to see a call of duty 4 one done.That would be the .
  3. Awesome job there soundx, looks like my old zalman is treating you good :cool: love the case.I really wanted to go with a antec 900 but I went with the ultra black aluminus case...it isnt to shabby at all
  4. bump...... you can offer me people all i can say is no :]
  5. I just bought this game today and wow let me say.......WOW.This is one of the best FPS shooters to date.This beats Halo3 in my mind by a kajillion. The multiplayer is really intense.I say drop all the games your playing now and try this one.You will really love it!!!!!!!
  6. I got a pretty sweet chair from staples for 100$ Flat no rebate crap.It's pretty @#$%^*& comfy :] I had to put it together...but I like a challenge
  7. ahh just like D2 yaaaaa thats why I stopped playing for a year then bought the game again and played the hell out of it and then sold my account to a friend...lol
  8. IMO This game could burn... I thought the guys who made diablo2 could be a lil more creative and make diablo3 I was hooked on diablo2 madly!!!!!!!!!! It was like drugs for me...If it was similar to diablo I would buy in a heartbeat but since it isn't and its a little to confusing for my brain I played the demo and un-installed it 5 mins after running around in HGL. FPS FTW UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. jaww^

    Guess what...

    Very Nice! Tell us how it is :cool:
  10. I read on another forum that the Q6600 is to much for the Cool-it eliminator. The Q6600 gives out 150w and the eliminator can only handle up to 125w I think.
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