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  1. i just picked up cod3 2 weeks ago... be playing non-stop, if anyone wanna play sometimes let me know
  2. using gainward xpert tool to overclock and fan adjustment with my evga 8800gts.. no more worrying bout ntune. you guys should give it a try, download from gainwards website.
  3. gt = ridikolous 360: cod2 (kinda sux for me since im use to it on pc) came free with 360 gonna get street: homecourt by the weekend
  4. thanks guy.... using openoffice as i type.. good proggie
  5. whats a good free wp program (similar to microsoft word)
  6. what happen to the widescreen settings... i tried the widescreen patch.. but it isnt as good.
  7. u have to set preferences click on advance settings in the bottom corner of screen expand video set output module to direct x.
  8. http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downlo...etDown=false#AC get the one for vista 32/64 hope it fixes ur prob like it did for me
  9. i had the same problem with vista.. mines had to do with sound driver from windows update... try the realtek driver solved my issue.
  10. i ran 3ghz on xp... im running 3ghz on vista stable also.. i ran orthos for 24hrs and it passed.. i havent ran into any problems.. the only problem i have is drivers causing vista to crash.. but when i get rid of the bad drivers.. everything is smooth again... vista does run smoother than xp.. im liking it alot better.. like zelig said ur oc wasnt probably stable in xp.. thats why its failing in vista
  11. i read from some other forums that nvidia chipset drivers has stop supporting audio drivers.. you have to use realtek or something.. i might read it wrong...
  12. i had the same issue too.. with a bad sata cable.. i thought i had a dead hard drive.. then said what the hell. what is it gonna hurt if i changed out the cable... waahh laaa. magic again..
  13. okay so no audio.. correct? i think im gonna hold off on this driver til they come out with a new one. vista running fine for me right now.
  14. does this driver comes with the nf4 audio driver or we have to use the ones from realtek or microsoft?
  15. http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/ i got the wallpaper from here forgot whats its called.. but lots of cool wallpaper at this site...
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