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Help PLEASE very lost

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Ok well i'm putting a new system together on newegg. Heres the proublem, one is that i have a dfi ultra d right now and i like it but i don't know if i should spend a little more money and get a better board does it make a big difference in performance?? so any advice on the matter would be great appreciated. Ok thats one question now the second is if i were to get a dfi ultra d is the list below a pretty good setup if i'm look for overclocking potential, good performance and a really cool system and obviously is everything compatible and will be able to work well with eachother?? :angel:


o and does anyone know if the chipset water block would fit???




BFG Tech Geforce 7800GTX


KOOLANCE GPU-180-V06 MB Chipset Cooling Block

COOLER MASTER RL-HUC-E8U1 80mm Rifle Liquid Cooling System

OCZ Platinum Edition 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 500 (PC 4000)

AMD Athlon 64 3700+ San Diego


LG combo drive

WD 80 gb 7200rpm



Thx so much for help!!

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the stuff in your sig looks all good . you should have no problems with a new dfi board. and that other question well we dont say that word on this fourm:D


Please fallow the rules and make a sig or your post will be deleted by the mods:eek:

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Trying to be unbiased, the DFI will overclock higher than the Asus. Just a better board.

The components you've listed are very nice and should work great. Although, maybe you would consider getting this processor instead: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103531

It's cheaper, and has an extra multiplyer.

Also, maybe you would consider a 7900GT instead of the 7800GTX? 7800GTX 512 versions are almost non-existant and the 7900GT has been shown to outperform the 7800GTX 256MB. Not to mention the 7900GT would be cheaper.



I'm also wondering how that CoolerMaster water kit will perform.

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i have the 7900gt


here is my single 7900gt compared to 7800gt sli

read it and weep




1 card 6612 [email protected]/860 no mods


7800gt SLI 7581 [email protected]/725


currently have it clocked on water to 680/861 and no artifacts


yes single 7900gt VS dual 7800gt




well i guess if you dont buy 3d06 you can only have 1 active public score


but it is real

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I personally think the Ultra-D is an awesome board. Mine o/c's like a mother.


I also love my 3700 Sandie, but I'm springing for a dual core Opty next time around, you might consider the same up front.


Good memory choice.


I'd forego the Enermax Liberty and spring for one of the new OCZ GameXStream psu's in either 600 or 700w version.


I'd also go with the 7900GT, or if you've got a little bit more cash spring for an ATi X1900XT - brand of your choice.

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I have used a Abit AN8-sli 32x and currently using a Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe. The asus does seem to get alittle higher then the abit on HTT. On my Asus im at 306x9 right now, prime stable. My abit could only do 302. This was tested by me with my multi down to 6x and ram at 1/2 divider, loose timings. Even when i do 303x6 on the abit it crashes on prime. Samething with Asus, cept at 307, i started getting weird errors with my HD.


Now, im trading my Abit for A DFI NF4-D. The reason is its known to go higher fsb then asus and abit. So will keep you posted on my progress as soon as the board gets here.

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