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  1. SeanDude05

    Im back!

    Hey all im back! Finally settled down here in California, cant wait to chat with you all again!
  2. SeanDude05

    Team Fortress 2/ Half-Life: Orange box

    I dont like how they are handing out Half-Life 2 like its a mayo packet that comes with a sandwich.
  3. SeanDude05

    Gillette comes out with 5-blade razor

    Anyone remember that older MADtv skit about the Mach20 razor? Haha I guess we're not that far off... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F7TMlrDXtw
  4. SeanDude05

    Attn: Minnesota Members (Maybe Sisconsin Too)

    Are your friendly neighbors to the west invited?
  5. SeanDude05

    PS3 vs Xbox360

    Xbox360. personally' ive heard nothing but complaints about the PS3. I too, will be buying a Wii, simply for the interface in games. The Wiimote is genius.
  6. SeanDude05

    FedEx, UPS, or USPS

    Fedex or USPS. its a toss up between the two, both are on time, friendly and know me by name, UPS usually arrives either after 6pm or when Im not at home.
  7. SeanDude05

    what to do with an old PC

    I would recommend either setting it up as a Folding machine, donating it to a local Boys club, charity that sorta thing, or use it was a networked media storage PC. Reinstall windows, clean that sucker out and it should still pump away for ya, even though it is a bit dated.
  8. SeanDude05

    What kind of Car do you drive??

    I drive a Silver 2002 Toyota Tacoma TRD, Supercharged and debadged, with magnaflow true-dual exhaust. More recent pics soon.
  9. Tried using another output? Tried switching the cards around in slots? Tried running a single card to eliminate chances of a dead card? Tried different BIOSes?
  10. Wish i would've found this thread sooner! congrats blooz!
  11. SeanDude05

    Gears of War

    GoW is godlike. Much better than Halo 2 in my opinion.
  12. SeanDude05

    OCZ Announces 850w GameXStream

    Im drooling. 850 watts from the GameXStream line.... Delicious! Me want!
  13. SeanDude05

    Bf 2142

    I'd like to see my stats outside of game as well.
  14. Powercolor makes a nice ATI Theater 550 Pro PCI-Ex1 TV tuner card. I use it through MCE 2005 to record my favorite TV shows and watch TV while I am working. its a good piece of hardware.