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  1. Hey all im back! Finally settled down here in California, cant wait to chat with you all again!
  2. I dont like how they are handing out Half-Life 2 like its a mayo packet that comes with a sandwich.
  3. Anyone remember that older MADtv skit about the Mach20 razor? Haha I guess we're not that far off... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4F7TMlrDXtw
  4. Xbox360. personally' ive heard nothing but complaints about the PS3. I too, will be buying a Wii, simply for the interface in games. The Wiimote is genius.
  5. Fedex or USPS. its a toss up between the two, both are on time, friendly and know me by name, UPS usually arrives either after 6pm or when Im not at home.
  6. I would recommend either setting it up as a Folding machine, donating it to a local Boys club, charity that sorta thing, or use it was a networked media storage PC. Reinstall windows, clean that sucker out and it should still pump away for ya, even though it is a bit dated.
  7. I drive a Silver 2002 Toyota Tacoma TRD, Supercharged and debadged, with magnaflow true-dual exhaust. More recent pics soon.
  8. Tried using another output? Tried switching the cards around in slots? Tried running a single card to eliminate chances of a dead card? Tried different BIOSes?
  9. SeanDude05

    Gears of War

    GoW is godlike. Much better than Halo 2 in my opinion.
  10. Im drooling. 850 watts from the GameXStream line.... Delicious! Me want!
  11. SeanDude05

    Bf 2142

    I'd like to see my stats outside of game as well.
  12. Powercolor makes a nice ATI Theater 550 Pro PCI-Ex1 TV tuner card. I use it through MCE 2005 to record my favorite TV shows and watch TV while I am working. its a good piece of hardware.
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