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  1. Ok, i set the CPU VID Control to 1.375 , which is the same as my start up voltage...the 3.3v + now shows up. Is this setting ok?
  2. Hey , i just swapped the jumper but for some reason, its not showing up. I know im supposed to change the CPU VID Control...but what do i set that at? Its on auto now, but i dont want to give it more juice or not enough juice. I tried it and since the CPU VID control is set to auto, it didnt show up.
  3. thanks for the help guys....i dunno if i want to push my ram with that much voltage. It just doesnt seem safe to me without some type of heatspreader on there at least. Maybe i should pick some up =) BTW, i have the base NF4, -D i think? Right now its sitting at 235, 6-3-3-2.5, 3.2v, 1t Going to try it alittle higer then 235...with the same timings and see.
  4. Opps, i did...im sorry...meant it the other way around... How do people get their ram to have 3.5v ....mine only going up to 3.2. Is 3.5v safe without some type of active cooling? I dunno which to use, the settings for the buffalo or the OCZ, both are BH5...but im seeing that the buffalo is 2x256 and the ocz is 2x512..prob best to go with the ocz settings?
  5. haha...well put my friend, well put... I just always like testing all my options with new gear. I was reading that gaming mostly likes timings over fsb....but windows apps and others really like FSB over timings. Also, how the hell you guys getting your ram to 3.5v..WOW. I dunno if i should try that since my ram doesnt have Heatspreaders on them. They didnt come with them either, the twinmos sticker is right on the ram. I think at 3.5v i would melt that sticker off ahahahahaha. Since i got ram and video card on the same day...its soo tempting to move on to see what more my video can do =) However....ram must be first. Well my options are pretty closed on to what i should run my ram at. I like my overlock where it is, so im just working on the dividers. Im just confused as to HOW many settings for the BH5 there are....anyone having really good luck or performance with a certain one? This is my first set of BH5. I should of bought it long ago, but had a option to get TCCD for like dirt cheap (2 years ago 120 for 1gb).
  6. wow guys, its that all for BH5? I see soo many different ones...cant really tell which is which.
  7. nice, ya i was just about to ask that....doesnt matter if its buffalo or twinmos right? right now im at 6-2-2-2.5 235fsb, 3.2v 1t. Hmmm trying to decide if i should drop the fsb to 215 and go 5-2-2-2..hmmm
  8. Hey guys, just got my BH5 to replace my corsair (thank god) Anyway...just love this stuff soo much... Booted right into 7-2-2-2 1T, 3.2v at 235 FSB. I was trying to find the bios ram settings for twinmos BH5...anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks for the help....happy new year to you all.
  9. DID corsair Test this ram yes or no on AMD system? Did corsair post that its not recommended to use AMD with this ram? If i asked you before hand if the ram would work with AMD system, what would you of said? Im sorry you had to hear all that, but if you look at the post from Hardocp, you will clearly see that i questioned if it were to work or not. After reading almost every review out there on it...i can find only ONE review that has the same chips as mine. Maybe im not a real customer since i bought used chips, Granted. However your attitudes towards people who question that is horrible...yes im going to question why it doesnt work when the rep said it should. In fact, he should of never said that. I bet anything that Corsair knows that it doesnt work with AMD and this is why they switched the chips to TCCD. Now thats fine, but what happens when someone purchases this ram new from overstock or whatever. What happens when they see it doesnt work for themselves? I guess they send it in and you guys replace it with TCCD. I bet you ANYTHING that is what would happen. SO instead of saying OK yes, it doesnt work right on AMD...you will just swap out for TCCD and it the customer would never know. Again, im not saying Corsair is a bad product....im just seeing that you guy are more worried about the all mighty buck then if you customers are happy or not. As this is the way of the world when it comes to big companies...you cant expect people to like it. I feel that the Rep over at HARDOCP has no IDEA what he was talking about. Its 100% clear that the PT doesnt just stand for the Platinum heatspreader...its also the difference between Hynix and TCCD. You said you had the same sticks to try? Pls try them and post the results. If im wrong...then it shoud work right? Another thing...THERE IS NO WAY that this ram was damaged. It worked PERFECTLY on a Intel system...So i guess your saying that the ram is only damage for AMD systems? Why would it work with a Intel system as rated if it were broken. There are heatspreaders on there now, nice copper ones. Basically...if i said that i bought ram from the boards you would automatically say , well since this isnt a new product, there is no need to help. THAT EXACTLY what happened. SO, in a nutshell....TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT IT DOESNT WORK. Dont guess saying that it does. Its simple...i read as much as i could read when i bought the ram. Again...for the lack of knowledge of your reps ( Not you Yellowbeard) i have decided to never buy one of your products or recommend your products when im out in the field. Sorry...but your lack of honesty as a company will surely catch up with you. Agian....Did Corsair test the PT (Hynix D5, as there is no PT model TCCD) with AMD system when they hit 275? Can i see the stats of that testing to verify? Cause i think Corsair KNEW FOR A FACT that Hynix wasnt working with AMD, which is why they have the C25 which is TCCD. If it worked soo great with AMD, why was it replaced? Im sorry to sound so pissed about this, but in fact i am. Another thing, if this ram was damaged...how come the PCSTATS review shows the EXACT same thing im finding with my testing? i guess you guys think they removed the heatspreader to causing the same damage to mine? Show me that it works...prove me wrong here...I want you to...cause in fact i do belive that you are a good company. Show how good and show us that you did test it and thats why your reps are saying it would work. I want to see that you guys actually DID test it and not just blowing smoke up our asses. My test results speak for themselves. Also, the PCstats.com review also speaks for itself. It at least shows im not the only one that thinks this ram doesnt work right with AMD.
  10. I wasnt talking about you, well...wait a sec...are you Redbeard on Hardocp? http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1134895 If so then i am..sorry man. If you remember the post before on hardocp? You said the only reason why it said it was recommended for intel systems only, was cause there wasnt a AMD system on the market. Fine and dandy...when there was one, did Corsair or you bother to test it? Basically, you said it would work...when in fact you just guessing and not knowing. Why couldnt you just said it then when i posted? I dont care what you say about damaged ram. Ive been around a while...have used ram and never ever seen in my life ram being damaged from removing the HS. Its a giant sticker basically...its not like its soldered on the ram...In fact, its not even very tacky/sticky. People remove the heatspreader on ram on a normal basis. You ever try to fit ram with a Big Typhoon and the bottem ram slot? You almost need to remove it, or you can always exchange it for ram without a HS. How many people do you see saying...well ok, i cant use TCCD cause of the HS...i might as well sell it and buy something smaller. HELL NO, they remove it. That was the FIRST post you said once i said the HS was removed. You stopped all contact and that was your last post. So there is the whole story...if you like i can post the hardocp thread so you can see that i was the same person. You seem to know that Hynix was a problem..i asked the simple question...instead of saying there were problems (not 1 mention of it) you said it should of worked. Without knowing yourself that it does. You know your ram...you know what system i had (posted in my sig on every forum)...you know that Hynix D5 doesnt work on DFi, but instead of saying its known not to work...you said it SHOULD work. So my question ....Once AMD came out with a 275 FSB chip, did Corsair bother to test the Hynix? Im very sorry if this wasnt you and you have to read through all that....but if you know who redbeard is, i would find out why his facts are different? If at that point he said that it wasnt a good match with my A64 system, i wouldnt of bought the ram, however would of bought another Corsair Product in the future. Also, reguardless of you being redbeard or not...thank you for offering to test this for me. If you can post your highest clock via CPU-Z uploaded online that would be great...also show me a pic of your settings in A64 tweaker. Thats if you get it to work. I also HIGHLY doubt you will though. Also, if you can post all the stats of the testing machine, that would be great also.
  11. So here is the challenge... I want to see screen shots of your overclocks on AMD systems and Corsair TwinX1024-4400PT ( for the last time...PT only guys...NO C25, NOTHING ELSE BUT PT). Doesnt have to be DFI board...can be whatever...just needs to be a A64 of some sort...no Bartons etc etc...since they dont care what type of ram they used really. Ok...so MUST BE CORSAIR TWINX1024-4400PT with Hynix chips...nothing else accepted. Sorry to be soo forward about the ram chips...seriously like 15 people have sent me PMs between 2 forums saying their TwinX1024-4400C25 runs at 8-4-4-2.5 and 270-275 =( ARRGGGGGGG....i replied the same exact thing to all of them...THATS TCCD!!!!!!!!!!!! For verification i will need CPU-Z uploaded to the internet...it should show the exact same stats in SPD tab. (CMX51-4400). If you dont have it, download, its tiny. It must be within the spec on the chip....275+ 8-4-4-3 or better.
  12. Im not speaking badly about them as a company...i know Corsair has been around for a long time...im speaking bad at the reps and their techs...they say that it should work...in fact, they know it doesnt perform well...but instead of being honest and saying that it doesnt perform well, they let you buy it and find out for yourself it doesnt work. Sorry if i didnt explain that correctly. Again, im not saying that all their products are bad...in fact this is only the 2nd time ive used corsair ram. Both times were completely below the rated speed on the stick. I thought i would give them another try...found these online for a good price, thought wrong again. So its not the product..i know . happens....im just mad at them rather then saying it doesnt work, which im almost sure they know it doesnt...they let you waste your money. Honestly, in my eyes...if they would say that this does not perform well on AMDs on the stats page...or have the reported speed on a amd...which is like 215 (DDR430?), i would of course not bought it, but would think about using their products again since they were honest.
  13. If that were the case, i think out of 5 systems that were tested, not 1 of them worked. For the LAST TIME...the C25 is NOT HYNIX RAM, its TCCD...not speaking about any other corsair ram but the PT. Its Hynix D5 chips. IM NOT SPEAKING ABOUT ANY OTHER RAM BUT THE PT....as this is the only one that uses Hynix. Please NO MORE posting that you TwinX1024C25 will do 275...in fact it should get higher since its TCCD. I just hate it that corsair reps on the board say that it should work...well, have they personally tested it? Then when i said the HS was replaced...what you think the rep said...Well removing the HS prob damaged the ram...Hmm? Unless you use a screwdriver or something how exactly does removing a sticker damage the ram? I think this was just said as a way to get out of the fact that i was told by a rep that the ram should work, when in fact...its not cause Corsair couldnt test it...its the fact that it DOESNT WORK. Here is link to PCstats review that i found...can you guess their outcome with the corsair and their AMD system....funny they seem to be experiencing the same exact problem....go figure.....http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1561 They should just be honest with us and say hey, it doesnt perform well on a AMD...rather than have people buying thinking that it will perform as well. I have tested 5 machine and they all shown the same exact thing. Highest it will reach is 215....FAR FAR from the spec which is DDR550. In fact, out of the 2 boards that i have posted this on....1 person has had the Hynix D5 chip and got it over 230 on a AMD system. REMEMBER ....NO C25....C25 = TCCD, PT = Hynix.
  14. Well....i have finished my testing. This ram will not post on anything higher then 215 on AMD machines. I started off with my Opty 144 and my NF-D...highest i got it to boot windows was 216. Very loose timings and 2.7v. This was not solid for me as i was getting weird BSOD from time to time. I cranked it down to 200FSB and change the timings a bit (5-3-3-2.5) and its running ok. Next is my neighbors 2 systems. First one is a A64 3000 (winchester) with a Epox board. This machine runs stock as its just some extra parts he had kicking around. I swapped his generic PC3200 and started going to work. I turned down his multi to 6x and up'ed the FSB from 200, 1 FSB each time. Highest i got was 210. I was not able to change the timings at all from 8-4-4-3 , 2t. At 210, 8-4-4-3, 2t, 2.8v the system booted into windows. 211, didnt make it past post. 212 wouldnt even show up post when the bios restarted after the setting changed. Had to clear CMOS and try again. His second machine is alittle nicer. Its a 3200 (venice) at 2.6 (260) on a Neo2 Platinum board. He has TCCD in there now, cant remember which brand...its running at 260FSB 7-3-3-2.5, 1T, 2.7v. This machine has been running rock solid since the venice came out. I remember going to his house when he got it. So i quickly swapped out his ram for mine and cleared cmos. I pretty much did the same exact thing as before. Started the machine with a multi of 6x and synced up the ram. Starting at 200 i went up by 1 FSB each time. Timings were the recommended 8-4-4-3, 2t, 2.8v. System booted at 210, got just past post at 211 and didnt even get past post at 212. Third and final machine tested was a newer machine that my friend built a few weeks ago. Its a x2 3800 (2.6 each) on a DFI NF-D ultra SLI version i think. He had the same ram i had before this corsair...his was just PMI mine was made by PQI. However, both used TCCD437. Same thing again, i turned his machine off...did a 10min clear of CMOS and went to town. This is the same board as me, however the CPU is different as i have a opty he has a X2 3800. The funny thing is, his wont even post at 200. Anything i tried, timings, went to 2.9v, swapping slots (yellow and orange). Ok...now i only used 1 Intel machine but i think thats all i needed...i just needed to know that it wasnt the ram that everyone said...This ram performed awesome and totally within spec on my buds intel system. I cant remember the exact specs, but his ram right now runs 265, 8-3-3-3. We dropped my Corsair right in without a CMOS clear and changed the timing to 8-4-4-3. It booted right up into windows. NOT 1 issue with that. Since it worked there, there was no sense going on more. I just needed to prove that it was NOT damage to the ram. IT WAS NOT cause of removing and replacing Heatspreaders. One person said that even removing the heatspreader can drop the overclock. This has to be bull crap. Maybe if it was physical damaging to the chips, however this would leave some type of traces of damage. My HS was replaced with a nice copper set and i removed that and looked at the chips with a magnifying glass. NOT 1 bit of Damage to anything... NOTE TO EVERYONE: THIS ram WILL NOT GET HIGHER THEN 215 on a AMD system. Even that is giving it a bit much. There is maybe 1 person out the the 1000's of owners that have got this to work. The main reason why im saying this is I DONT CARE WHAT ANY CORSAIR REP SAYS...THIS WILL NOT REACH 275 on a AMD system. I pissed cause i even asked on Hardocp.com forums when the deal was going down. The Rep there told me that there shouldnt be any problems. Guess what? Wrong again...i was told that since there was no AMD system at the time it came out, there was nothing to test it. Ok, thats fine and great...but when it did come out...DID they bother to test it? NO...so i bought something thinking that ok...the rep cant be wrong. No offense to any of the Corsair reps personally. I just wish everyone would have their facts straight before they say "Yes it should work fine" Did you test it personally? If not, then be on your way. I did a week of testing, driving from house to house....going from machine to machine. If you do that and get it to work on say half the AMD systems you use and can verify each, then i might believe it. If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to post....im trading this ram for BH5 and never buying another Corsair product agian. Not that i dont like their products...im sure i would if i had a intel system...but the lack of knowledge of their reps has ruined it for me. If they tested it...prove it to me...cause i dont belive it...i think they just saying that it should work without knowing for a fact that it does. You say it can run...PROVE IT!
  15. Whoa, 3.1v...thats alot of juice...can the D5 handle that much? Its like BH5 hehe
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