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  1. i have the file but it does not come with a auto run clicky?? sooo i guess i have to figure out how to install this huh
  2. I have problems with vista rc1 i install just fine and after i regester and set the time zone it goes to check system proformance and the screen flickers...forever i then reboot and it asks me to re register but i can not ust the orignal user name because it is already in use so i make another name and timezone then it checks system proformance and loads in to windows so then i play around on it and occasionaly screen just flickersand i have to reboot installing video drivers dont help any one know what is wrong
  3. im on a sony i took the floppy out of my sony ok im on track so far
  4. how would i use nlite and my xp cd i dont understand i have no current windows on the computer i have 2 hdds 1xp cd no floppy drive how would i go about installing these drivers
  5. i got nlite im trying to figure it out let ya know
  6. what about without floppy drive can i use a cd to coppy the floppy with my other computer and if so what file type thank you for helping
  7. what about sata spread spectrim enable/disable should the jumpers be in spread spectrim enable/disable are there any guides
  8. what about bios settings like raid spread and jumpers
  9. i have never done raid 0 i have the guidehttp://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8790 it does not say if i use the jumpers what is a best raid program or how to set up raid 0 with out a floppy drive thanks
  10. i use orthose sprime no problems if you have fraps running it will just page.
  11. what is your vcore how long does it pass prime
  12. could you provide me a link to how to install and set up a os with a copy in a partition of a set up os with all of my drivers like mirror a new install with all of my drivers and updates thanks bill
  13. yeah yeah, i was avoiding the inevitable hoping there was another way
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