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gun ear muffs and headphones

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i bought ear muffs for hunting for the sole purpose of putting headphones inside them. i have some akg 26p headphones. very cheap. very nice sound. better than grado 60's, but uncomfortable. anyway the headphone speakers are the exact size to fitt inside the muffs. i accidentally pulled a wire and it snapped. didn't have a solder so i used cermic adhesive and it worked perfectly. i just finished making them and they're awesome. complete silence. i'll post pictures later.

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step 1: get a pair of these bad boys http://www.headphone.com/products/headphon.../akg-k-26-p.php


step 2: take apart the bad boys. it's extremely easy. if you look you can see this gray plastic piece going inside the cans. grab the metal head thing and grab one of the cans and just twist. it should just pop open without damaging anything and you can totally put it back together if you want. or if you can't do that just prey it open with a screwdriver. there is a back cover to the headphones that is not necessary and i don't think there will be room if you keep it on. so throw that away.


step 3: get a pair of these. http://www.browning.com/products/catalog/a...6&type_id=41524

they fit perfectly with the taken apart headphones and they have that egg thing going on.


step 4 (optional): you can cut the stereo wires and then drill a hole into the ear muffs so that you can slide the wires through and then resolder them that the wires are coming out of the ear muffs and they just look like huge headphones. i didn't do this because i suck at stripping wires, i have no drill, and i have no solder.


step 4: cram the headphones inside. remember to keep the foam pad on. without it it sounds horrible and feels horrible.


if you accidentally broke a wire, just use ceramic adhesive. that's what i did.


i really wish i took pictures of this process. anyway here it is. oh and one more thing. you might want to fill the empty back of the cans with a glue gun or electrical tape. just being safe.


cost of 21dB (that's about 10dB more than most noise cancelling headphones) isolation headphones that sound great and feel good: about $50




these would look a whole lot better if the wires weren't just sticking out like that.

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