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  1. Hey guys Im going to give overclocking my q6600(G0 stepping im pretty sure) a go . i have a few questions. Would i have more luck if i got some better ram? even if i just change it out to 2x2gb. Also generally ambient temps in my room reach high 20's to low 30's (deg Celcius), now my gear is currently in a thermaltake V9 and idle temps are like 46-48C. which i thought was pretty high. i just got a raven rv02 and some better fans to wack on my cpu cooler. going to do all this in the next few days. ill reseat my heatsink as wel so hopefully that gives me better idle temps. If my idle temps stay around the same am i going to have trouble reaching say 3ghz with my cpu. and what is an acceptable temperature range i should be aiming for?
  2. Hey guys first post so go easy. Im considering upgrading my video cards (2x8800gt sli) im running a dell 24" monitor at 1900x1200. im hoping to get a bit more from gaming at that res. i was looking at gtx285 or even the 295, not too sure. i lik to run my games on as high settings as i can while keeping the game playable. HELP
  3. yeh exact same with me. i was looking at pccasegear.com.au as well but then they stopped stocking ddr500 or at least the one i wsa interested in. if u havent heared of it before it might suit u better as it is based in victoria...is very reliable too shipping to nsw within like 3 days.
  4. go the aussies! how hard is it find decent ram here ay...u getting urs from nintek? where in aus are u?
  5. which ram would be better for an oc with a x2 4400? MUSHKIN PC4000 XP Samsung UCCC 2GB Kit (2x1024Mb) DDR500, 2048Mb, 3-4-3-8, XP4000, eXtreme Performance, 991483 -------OR-------- TEAM Xtreem PC4000 Cronus Micron 3-3-3-8 2GB Kit
  6. thank you for the feed back. im leaning more towards the thermal take armor jr as i was hoping for some sort of a side window...unless you can buy a side window upgrade for the coolermaster...also have a look at this... http://www.pccasegear.com.au/prod4127.htm it actually has a thing for watercooling...im not really interested in it as i hope to keep all my bits and peices inside the case. just thought it might interest someone here
  7. apologoies i think this thread should have been posted in the recommended section
  8. i am thinking of going water cooling and am not too keen on getting a huge case (i lan alot)or spending too much on a case in that matter. was wondering if anyone could recommend me a mid tower sized case for watercooling if that is at all possible. preferably by either coolermaster or thermaltake?
  9. im in the same situation except im tossing up between a single 7950gt or 2 7800gtx...more keen on the 7950 and sli wih it later coz as u guys said its a pain in the butt tofind another 7800...
  10. the dfi infinity series are fairly cheap if u are keen on sticking with dfi
  11. i thought as much lol. was thinking of maybe painting the silver parts of it as i noticed they are fairly easy to detach from the rest of the case...but im hesitant after loosing my k/b and mouse to the evil that lives inside those spray cans!
  12. was wondering if anyone has ever modded or heared of any mods that have been done to my case (coolermaster ammo). looking for some ideas so i can make my case stand out from other coolermaster ammo's. coz i like doing that kind of thing...i attempted to paint my keyboard and mouse lol but failed miserably...i think i must have put to much paint/primer of as it wouldnt fit all back 2gether lol....o well we learn from our mistakes.
  13. sorry...can anyone fix it for me? not really sure how to make it smaller
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