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LP NF2B -- Are you running 2 GB's of ram in a Lanparty?

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I think i'm going to sell my GB of ram so i can get a 2 gig kit. If your running two GB's please post any info you have, timings, fsb ect.


I'm looking at these if someone can confirm they will work. 2-3-2-5 timings

OCZ 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 400 (PC 3200)





These are nice too but cas latency 3. OCZ Platinum Series with Enhanced Bandwidth technology (EB) Dual Channel Kits 2GB (2 x 1GB) (PC 4000)



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Here's a search for '2GB RAM' under the 32bit forums for DFI-street -


You could check out the threads in that link and see if there's any info

that might help you out.


Here's an OCZ page with recommended sticks for your board -


These look interesting to me, unsure how they'd work though -


You could also try OCZ's forum page and see if you could find or get a

recommendation for 2GB in NF2 boards -



NF2 boards have often been said to like CAS Latencies (CL) of 2 or 2.5

more so than 3. Although, some have been able to get a CL of 3 to work

as well, but that could be a bit more of challenge than running 2 or 2.5.


The most RAM I've run in my board has been 1GB total, that was with

2 x 256MB and 1 x 512MB sticks. So I can't comment too much on

2GB of RAM. However, with 3 RAM slots the total amount of RAM, max, I

think is 3GB on NF2 boards, with that much there could be the possibility

of needing to run the Command Per Clock (CPC) setting at 2T. Also, you

probably would need to make sure the RAM sticks you'd get would have

512MB of RAM per side, at most. I'm unsure if there are any/many 1GB

single sided sticks on the market, but if there are you'd probably need to

steer clear of those.

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Nice to see you've gotten a response on those sticks you are looking at.

I'm unsure how they'd work out for you, maybe fine? Was there any

mention of what type of chips are on the 8-3-3-3.0 sticks?


2GB could be a bit more of a gamble on NF2 boards, as there's generally

fewer responses, feedback, and users with that type of config going on.

Did you look through the threads in the link for this forum?

How about checking out some of the info on OCZ's forum pages/site?


Here's a couple of pages with Kingston 2GB kits -



You could see if you could find out what brand of chips might be on either

of those sticks.


If you could find some 2 x 1GB RAM with Samsung TCCD or TCC5 chips on

them, then those might be worth considering for your board.


Here's Mushkin's forum, you could dig around in there and see what they

would have to offer in 2GB of RAM - http://forums.mushkin.com/phpbb2/

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Thanks for the info MedianOCer. I've been searching for days and can't find one single NF2 running 2 GB. I may just hold off on the 2GB. Umm? i may get another 512 tccd and run three sticks in single channel. TCCD is awasome stuff but IC's do not come in large enough sizes to make 1GB sticks unfortunately. Steve-o didn't say what the 8-3-3-3 was.

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Dumb question - why do you need that much ram? I'm new to this so bear with me....................




today games like battlefield 2...Quake4.....need 2g to run fine...1g is few to run this type of games...:P

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