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  1. i gess ocz is better..but u need to see the chips...for example chips bh5,ch5 works better in nf2...but go for ocz...i think its the right choice
  2. zalman is good, but cannont fit .....go to the zalman page and see if thats fit on your mobo,,,but i dont think so.. see ya
  3. try to put Thermalright SI-97 and a noisebloker...or whit more agressive fan more low temps u will have..
  4. were i can find that in portugal in websites i never saw "BS" to buy :| ....
  5. "loggan26" im talking about this : "As loggan mentioned, if you're going to be messing around a bit then you might want to consider getting some type of BIOS back up plan going." what we can consider as a BIOS backup plan ?!?!? see ya
  6. sorry for the offtopic but what we need to have before starting overclocking the system ?? for dont have problems with system ?? see ya
  7. today games like battlefield 2...Quake4.....need 2g to run fine...1g is few to run this type of games...
  8. bleek

    Corsair XMS

    maybe is better if i thinking buy a 2x512 mushkin redline pc4000 or OCZ 3200 platinum edition
  9. bleek

    Corsair XMS

    Crucial ballixtics i cant buy in Portugal :mad: ...the stores dont sell that that seems to be a great memory.... i saw some ocz...but with nf2 they dont have much compatibility...:| so i probably buy that XMs...i hope do 250fsb with em... thanks for the replies
  10. hi all so im with a little doubt is 2x 512Mb Corsair XMS DDR PC3200 Dual Channel CL2 worth it to setup in my rig ?!?! see ya
  11. try put something like that to refresh your ram 3fans
  12. i hope one day can have a Toaster sig for me too ..lol see ya
  13. no problem using that 2800+ .....and doesnt need to be mobile...im using a barton
  14. yes i pm Essentialx and tell if everything is fine whit is mobo we think..lol
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