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  1. Ok i've had this board for two years and can't wait to get an ultra-d (i don't care about SLI) and AMD64 cpu. I have 4 leds always light on my motherboard. Shouldn't it not be working? I'm typing so I guess I'm cool right?
  2. ryan7777

    got incompatible memory?

    Try putting them in different slots. If that doesn't work try in another computer. Then RMA
  3. Should I RMA these sticks? based on my previous post? Newegg said it would have to be recieved in the next 14 days. It won't do over 200 FSB without errors in prime95 but I think it could be my CPU. I don't have an NF4 mobo test the ram with. Just my current one
  4. I put these in my NF2 ultra-b board. I am getting an NF4 ultra-d after I save some money. I thought I grab this ram while it was on sale on newegg. I got them for about $145 with the instant rebate. They must of been selling bad sets at the lower price. The ones I got were detected in cpu-z at 3-5-5-8. I think newegg and gskill are pulling some shady .. I found out the hard way that NF2 boards hate CAS 3. I tightened the timings to 2.5-3-3-3-11 and set the vdimm to 2.7. I can't get over 200 FSB. I really hope it's my 2500+ Barton. No matter how high I put the voltage (up to 1.85) I can't get 210 FSB stable in prime95, even with 3-4-4-8 timings. Sucks my multiplier is locked. I tried running a divider to get the CPU running at 200 FSB and the ram at 250 FSB. But that just cause my system not to post and gave me loud beeping noises. So I turned of my PSU and cleared the CMOS with the jumper. I am grateful I didn't destroy the bios or anything else. Any ideas? I would RMA but I think it's my cpu and mobo.
  5. ryan7777

    need a driver CD

    I got the CD and if u really want it I'll upload it to u. talk to me on undernet. phillyshreds is my nick. I suggest you use the 5.10 drivers from www.nvidia.com the only thing not on that CD is the realtek ethernet driver which can be downloaded from www.dfi.com
  6. I am planning on buying an ultra-d and an opteron soon. So I bought the ram and put it in my NF2 Ultra-b mobo. My 2500+ barton sucks. I had to raise the voltage to 1.75 just to get it stable in prime95 at 200 FSB. I want to get 227 FSB. My multiplier is locked at 11x so i can't lower it. I was able to run the ram at 2.5-3-3-11 since the FSB is so low.
  7. Yeah don't buy the G.SKILL 2GB Xtreme ram like I did. I would of returned it. But I am getting a ultra-d board.
  8. This doesn't matter to me at this point since I got another sound card but I thought I'd share anyway When I built this pc 2 years ago I didn't mount my dfi nf2 board correctly in the case and it wouldn't detect any hard drives. After mounting it correctly everthing was fine. But the onboard sound had some serious problems. Whenever I wasn't playing a sound file or watching something with audio, I'd here this high pitch annoying sound. I would also hear noise when using scoll bars and min/max windows. After installing the 5.10 drivers things got even weirder. The system part of my registry grew and grew to the point where it won't boot no more. I had to reinstall XP a few times a months. Or not reboot for weeks or more. I bought an audigy 2 zs and it sounds way better than the onboard sound. if only windows registry's codec setting didn't break so easily. I wouldn't be in linux as much. So make sure you mount your mobo correctly or u will pay for it later, literally.
  9. ryan7777

    ACPI & HAL's Explained

    If you have an audigy ZS 2 sound card you don't want to change the ACPI from the device manager. I noticed a horrible degrade in sound quality. The sound just isn't dynamic anymore. My reciever clips more, and the bass sucks. I am keeping on ACPI Uniprocessor until my next reinstall and I'll do it the F5 way. I did notice that my 210 FSB OC is not stable with ACPI Uniprocessor like it was with the recommended ACPI. So now I'm back to 200 FSB.
  10. I can't get 215 FSB at 1.90. that aint right
  11. Well I raised the vcore to 1.80 trying to get 210 stable. Failed in 10 seconds. But I'm running prime 95 at 1.85 vcore now and it's gotten no errors after 2 hours. I hope I can get 220 stable for 2 hours before I goto sleep. BTW my +12 is now low as 11.76. I know that is really bad or anything but could my motherboard damage my PSU by messing with the bios?
  12. This ram says 3-4-4-8 on the sticks. There is no way I'm doing CAS2. I still can't get 210 FSB stable.
  13. Wow you were right. NF2 boards hate CAS3. I have it at CAS 2.5 and it's running so fast now.
  14. I tightened the memory timings like you said to 2.5-3-3-11. I had to put the vcore back up to 1.75 because I getting errors. I uped the ram voltage as to 2.7 since the timings were tightened. I guess since I can't get over 200 FSB, but my system is running very fast at 200x11 with the 2.5-3-3-11 timings. So I think I'll keep it like that. These NF2 boards really do like 2.5 over 3 CAS. I heard with the NF4 boards that this ram can get 270 FSB easily and runs fine at 3 CAS. So I hope to have $470 to get my ultra-d, 3700+ or opteron 165 cpu, and a 6800GT card. Anyway I already had 7 hours prime95 with no errors with 3-4-4-8 at 200x11 I had 3 hours with prime95 and no errors using 2.5-3-3-11 at 200x11 Just playing around i did something really stupid I raised the FSB to 220 and upped the vcore just to 1.80 with the cas 2.5 settings. I booted into windows and prime95 crashed my computer. And upon reboot I got unknown CPU type. I quickly changed everything back to 3-4-4-8
  15. My barton can get 200 FSB stable. But no higher. I have ddr500. No matter how high I set the vcore, I can't even get 210 FSB with no errors in prime95 after two hours. I have also tried just about everything else I can think of. I might try the hellfire 06/19/04 bios. I am reluctant to change bios's because I have no floppy and no blank CD-Rs. I used winflash to flash to 06/19/04 before I got the ram because of the warm boot issues. I have tried changing the timings to 3-4-4-11 and turning CPC off. I tried raising the vcore to 1.95 I know if I have a mobile this won't be a problem I wish I could lower the multiplier to find out if it's the ram. I put in my Memtest x86 cd and it was seagate tools. I'm thinking of maybe an L12 warmod, but that scares me. Any comments or suggestions will be well appreciated