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  1. Looks like you might be getting better results with that Suzuna BIOS than I did. Although, you're running with the tCR at 2, whereas I was running it at 1. Trying to remember if I tried it at 2... Unsure, I'd have to go check my posts. Thanks for the info on that BIOS and what you've found with it so far.
  2. Have you checked how you have your speakers and/or headphones setup under the sound/audio devices in your OS? In other words if you're just using headphones, set it to headphones, or if you're using 2 speakers for example then set it accordingly. I've seen it (more than a few times) when I've installed the audio drivers, where the speaker configuration gets set automatically to 4 speakers (or something to that effect), which hasn't worked properly with a 2 or 3 speaker set and/or headphones. You might need to turn down the gains in the volume/audio control panel, if you're just wanting to use headphones. Nice to see you in here.
  3. Hmm, a tweaked display driver eh. Would that be good for my FX5600 Ultra and worth giving a shot? I'll DL it and take a gander at it, thanks.
  4. Can you use the 'kill CMOS' function on Tmod's BIOS/utility CDs? I think that's supposed to clear out everything. Maybe I'm incorrect on that. Just check to make sure that's the case first, as I have yet to use that.
  5. Got a bum stick there eh. Sorry to hear that. Hope all goes well with the RMA and the new RAM.
  6. I have noticed with the ACPI (ACPI) PC setting that Win seems to run a bit smoother, a little snappier and I have less issues with LAN dropouts. It could possibly help with other issues that some have run across. You notice anything at all yet?
  7. Okay, then you could just use the search function yourself and type in "vdimm mod". Do you know if OCZ is still using the Hynix DT-D5 chips on those sticks? If so, then that is the question. Whether those might give you more of what you'd be looking for and using on your NF2 MB? I've used some DT-D5 based sticks on my UI board before, which you might be aware of. I used them for quite awhile and tried numerous BIOSes and configs in order to get more of an OC out of them. I seemed to have difficulty with getting them to run with higher and more aggressive FSBs/settings, which I wanted. However, there's been some BIOSes since then that I would have tried with them, but I no longer have those sticks (as I sold them). It's possible that someone else might have better results with those type of sticks than I did, but I did try just about everything I could think of and in order to get more out of them than I did. I have had much better results with the original BH-5 sticks I have now, than I did with the DT-D5 sticks. I have also seen a few others who appear to have gotten great results with DT-D43 sticks (possibly AT-D43, BT-D43 and CT-D43 also). The question might be with those, are they going to be different enough from DT-D5 dies and revisions that those would be easier to use on these NF2 MBs, or is it merely a matter of trying something out that I may have missed? I guess that's less of an answer than you would be looking for, possibly. Probably? If you're interested, you might just need to get some and try them out. Of course, that's up to you. I, personally, wouldn't give up my Winbond sticks for them. It just depends on what you want to do and if you want to mess around with some other variety of RAM, if you're getting bored with what you've got and/or want to try something new out and etc.
  8. You could search for "vdimm mod" and dig around through the links in there and see if you find what you're looking for.
  9. Hey syn, did you get that figured out yet for the ACPI (ACPI) PC driver?
  10. Don't think DDR boosters are touted for being able to run on DFI NF2 boards, or other NF2s either. I remember someone saying something about using one on such a board. If I remember correctly it may have worked but single channel was the result with that. Unsure though, don't quote me on that or take if for granted that they will work on an NF2. I'd do some digging/looking into that first, and before trying it out. Have you looked into doing a vDIMM mod for the voltage you're talking about?
  11. Did your monitor go into sleep mode okay before switching the hal over? What do you have these options set to? ~ (need any changes there?) Power Management Setup ACPI Function - ACPI Suspend Type - Power Management - Video Off Method - HDD Power Down - Soft-Off by PBTN - Wake On LAN From Soft-Off - Wake On Ring From Soft-Off - USB Resume from S3 - Disabled Keyboard/Mouse Power On - PWR Lost Resume State - Power on by Alarm - ^ ^ Might help in figuring out what's going on, but loggan mentioned that a reinstall could remedy the issues you're having. Otherwise you might need to go into Windows at the Services and/or Components level and get into loading/configuring those and etc. Also, how about a different driver for the monitor you have? The CPU? I haven't messed to much with the hibernation and suspend modes much. So you could wait for someone else to post in here relating to those. PS - Apologies for missing that you had mentioned already using the ACPI (ACPI) PC hal, just took a quick initial glance.
  12. Hot running RAM, eh. Have you got some good airflow going to the RAM? How about heatspreaders, any of those nasty suckers on the RAM? What PSU do you have? Sorry for all the questions, just curious. Also, dang!, you've been running some of the lowest timings I've seen. :eek2: Nice. BL
  13. You could try some of these Alphas: (just throwing out some ideas for DS sticks) DS=5, DSR=10 DS=6, DSR=9 DS=6, DSR=8 (or maybe 7) DS=7, DSR=8 (or maybe 7) What Alphas have you been running lately? Have you tried 3-3-4-4-3-3-4 yet and with the 'stock' Alphas (4-11, 4-11, 4-11)? If that doesn't do it then you could try those with some DS & DSR variations.
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