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If anyone has ever had any experience overclocking a setup like mine please let me know what you can remember about how you did it.


My motherboard bios allows me to adjust it from 1000Mhz, to 1380Mhz. I think. automatically adjusts FSB and all that, or I can manually change each individually.


I have run it at 1100Mhz. fine, but after a while, I pushed it to 1200, and increased the Vcore voltage from 1.5 to 1.6 and the next time I tried to reboot it, it wouldn't load windows. I finally did get it to boot off the XP disc, but bios post said something about the internal ID of CPU not matching the something or other??????


Needless to say I had to end up resetting defaults in bios and had to reinstall windows XP Pro. At that time I had less cooling, different case, and a 230 W power supply, now I have a 400W PSU, three 80mm case fans, and better airflow.


Needless to say I am new at this, using stock cooling, which should be fine with good ventilation since this is a modest overclock, RIGHT?


Room temp is about 70 degrees. Things stay quite cool. Voltages reported by bios are very close like +12=12.70 +5=5.1 +3.3=3.4 etc.... Motherboard usually is reported in bios as around 80 degrees F and CPU usually around 104 degrees F.


Have not tried to overclock it at all since the last crash, but I have a new case, fans, and PSU so now I have the itch again.


Any suggestions or help appreciated. I find it hard to find people or info who have overclocked a Celeron 1G CPU. If anyone knows of a guide that applies please direct me. Everything I found on Celeron overclocking is about the old Celery 400's and such.



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It probably didn't like the volt increase if i get it right this is a 1gig chip,being able to run this thing at 1.1 is not bad,i think you better stay with the increased multiplier and the FSB and up it till it does what it did, then back up a notch, that's about all you'll get out of it.You could always get a better HS and all, but for a 1 gig! :huh:

Now days you can get a 1700+ AMD XP TBRED-B *DLT3C* JIUHB OEM for 99$ these chips are unlocked and can reach 2.3 gigs.Satisfy your itch and get yourself one :P


This is a CDN store but service is A+ and fast delivery (oops $74 US sorry :P )



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