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  1. tedmorrow82, I dont know for sure as I dont have an apple developer account. My guess would be that if it was rejected, Apple would inform you WHY it was rejected and it would just be a matter of fixing the issue. However, Apple always has dollar signs in their eyes so the possibility that they might grab your money and run is possible...
  2. I'm a VMWare fan myself. Have been using Workstation since version 7. If cost is a factor then VirtualBox would be my next pick.
  3. I'm not sure why there are so many haters with Windows 8... ive been using it for the past month or so and dont have any issues with it. Never had a crash that wasn't caused by myself (bad overclock for example). And the 7 second boot time is damn amazing. Its human nature to hate change. Are you sure the fact that its different isnt why everyone seems to think "its horrible"?
  4. Badams66

    3DMark 2013

    http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/243540 Not as high as some of the others here, but not bad for a laptop
  5. Even running Mac OS in VM isn't recommended as there is still a licensing issue. If you own OSX then you obviously have a Mac. If your running it as a VM then its obviously not a legal copy. You could check out DragonFireSDK (http://www.dragonfiresdk.com/). I've never tried it or heard anyone who has tried it, but it was something I was looking at a while back when I was thinking of transitioning from Android development to iPhone as well. Also, don't forget that Apple also reviews every app before its released, included application updates. Which means after you release an update, I've heard it can take weeks before its actually live in the store. Developing for Windows phone has very similar costs ($100 a year, and a percentage of sales). Android is a $25 one time fee for your developer account, but you still need to pay a percentage of sales. All the SDK tools and Virtual Devices are free. Updates are instant and are not reviewed by Google unless your app is reported.
  6. Haha so many cute pets! This is Halo!
  7. Security isnt an issue...not to worried about that part of things but I appreciate the input bigred. I know youve helped me in the passed and I know that if anyone knows what their talking about when it comes to servers, its you! But care to explain why it needs to be a DNS server as well? I was planning on having it set as a DNS server anyway, but just curious as to why its required? I have it working somewhat how we want it to. Of course, the whole this is bypassed if someone walks in with a laptop set with a static ip within the same subnet as the router.
  8. Hey guys, been a while since ive posted here, but I could use a hand again... Me and a few guys are trying to experiment with a couple things for work and are having trouble.. We have a server running Server 2003 with DHCP turned on. We also have a linksys wireless router setup something like this: Internet -- Modem -- Wireless Router -- Server 2003 What we would like to do is have the DHCP on the router turned off and force all computers to get an IP from the server. Reason for this is so we can control who gets what IP by using reservations. By simply turning off the router DHCP, the computers do not get an IP. The router is also a VOIP adapter, so I havent played around with it, but i'm pretty sure it needs to have the connection to the WAN side of things. Does anyone know how to do this? Or are we plain out of luck... By the way, everything is currently setup in a test environment, so any ideas will be appreciated as it will not effect the connection everywhere else. Id like to have it setup and running so we can play around with things within the next hour or so... Thanks in advanced for any help guys! P.S. Forgot to mention, the connection between the router and the server is with an ethernet cable...all other connections will be through wireless. (Might change in the future but at this time, its strictly wireless)
  9. Ive got multiple O/S which all require bootable floppies in order to install such as windows 98 and windows 2000, but creating new floppies is time consuming and half the time you get errors and everything. Anyway, since all the setup disk images are available for free from bootdisk.com, if i downloaded all the images from there, is it possible to create a bootable cd that would start up and allow me to select an OS from a list, then load the appropriate files in order to install it. Looking for a quick answer as i have 20 more computers to finish and id like to get them done before i go home (its already 2:18am BTW)
  10. Happy bday asus....ill go out quadding to celebrate for you
  11. the 450mhz P2 and mobo, if you test it, ill take it off your hands. The tuner card as well...do you accept paypal? Possibly the Xp200 too
  12. i can provide some hosting for free depending what you need. Unlimited will be near impossible unless your putting ads on your site Cpanel for free will also be expensive and i doubt youll find it for free Please PM me and we can work something out.
  13. $155, disobeying road sign (stop sign) wasn't paying attention cuased a 3 car collision, i was the onlyone hurt happened a month after i got my lisence 2 points off 200 fine on my license, had to pay for a 255 coure to keep my lisence
  14. Very greatful for the offer, im very pleased! but i someone else already offered! very sorry. now im stuck with another problem
  15. Alrightio, im trying to create a game and whatnot but im trying to use winsock so i can keep stuff like scores and whatnot. Anyway, im having some troubles, ive never attempted to use winsock before so im kinda stuck. I can get the program to connect fine the first time, but if i close the client program and leave the server program running, then the client cannot connect again. This is a problem since multiple people are going to have to connect at the same time. Here is the server side code: Private Sub Form_Load() Winsock1.LocalPort = 6617 Winsock1.Listen End Sub Private Sub Winsock1_ConnectionRequest(ByVal requestID As Long) If Winsock1.State <> sckClosed Then Winsock1.Close Winsock1.Accept requestID End Sub and client side code: Private Sub cmdConnect_Click()Winsock1.Connect "", 6617 cmdConnect.Enabled = False End Sub Private Sub tmrStatus_Timer() If Winsock1.State = sckConnected Then
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