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What U Think About This Config.?


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Hello all.

Im new 2 this forum. I need knew PC(money no object,so far lol).

Im thinking 2 custom build it.This is components(and im gonna use this machine for video editing,havy gaming )


Thermaltake Xaser3

Koolance Exos

Antec TruePower 550W(can i put 2 PS in this mashine?)

Intel p4 3.2Ghz

Gigabyte GA-8KNXP

2x Corsair TWINX1024-400

2xSeagate Cheetah Ultrau320 SCSI 73Gb

Adaptec SCSI RAID 2200S controller

Pinacle StudioPro TV Card

Plextor 52x32x52 CD/RW

Sony DRU-500A

Creative Audigy2 Platinum

NVidia FX5900 Ultra 256Mb(wich maker is better?)

Logitech Z-680

Sony SDM-P232(23"LCD)

Windows XP Pro


Just wanna ask your opinion on this.Please post your comments .Can i get better components?

Did i miss something?

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nice dude, really nice. Do you really need to spen all that cash for a 3.2? I bought a 2.6 a few weeks ago and i've got it to 3.25 easy enough, ran for prime95 for over 10 hours w/ no errors so i'm imagining i can pull a bit more out of it. As far as makers for the 5900, I've heard albatron is good but I know absolutely nothing about those cards, I'll just stick w/ my radeons for the time being.


What are your plans for this computer btw?

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Hey.Tx for reply.

About that 3.2Ghz -i need rock solid system(ithat why i dont plan heavy OC).


What about Gainward FX5900 Ultra256Mb?


Im in 2 online games and plan used that mostly for Video Editing and games

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buddy 10 hours of prime 95 is solid enough :D

3.2 lol Half of your cpu would be idling and wouldnt get used unless your using folding@home.. you wouldnt really need 3.2ghz unless your hard core gfx animation and games these days run fine on 2.5ghz+ even lower then that But if money is not a worry. Then Buy all means dont listen to ous Money Watching people bull gaurding people :) overclocking's sole purpose is to save hella money and make faster :P/ show off your skills.

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which segate drives did you go with? 7200rpm, 10k or 15k? well no matter which way you went, you'll get performance over any ide drive... 320mbps sustained instead of burst rates upto 133.


zalman coolers are known to be very quiet, I run one one my opteron 244 and it does a nice job with limitted noise (till my dumb butt changed the fan over to a vantec tornado). you can take a look at thier products here

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